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The List of 111 Wishes

And the Most Important One

By Shauna MariePublished 7 months ago 2 min read
The List of 111 Wishes
Photo by Saad Chaudhry on Unsplash

One day, for no particular reason at all, I wrote down 111 wishes that I wanted to come true between the day I committed pen to paper and the day I shake loose this mortal coil.

And, one by wishful one, they began to come to pass.

As each item on my list became something I had, instead of something I craved, I crossed them off my list, one by one.

Yet, despite having so much of what I wanted. Even in the face of having more than I had thought possible over decades of wishes on stars and blowing fluff from wilting dandelions into the wind, I looked longingly at the wishes I was still waiting for; the wishes that remained stubbornly unanswered.

Over time this list became my lifeblood. It became a reason to breath, to live, to create.

More than I had before and better than I had before.

What didn’t realize in the genesis of creating this list is that this list was helping me fufill the one wish I didn’t even realize I had made, the one thing I hadn't written down….it was taking me back down a path to myself, for this time, maybe for the first time.

And so it was. Life became my genie in a bottle. I was getting everything I asked for; everything I ever wanted.

But, as things do, they fade. Passions can change and new obsessions take their place. This is normal as we grow, evolve and make the moves to be the person we were supposed to be.

However, I still find myself visiting this list I made several years ago from time to time, unraveling the pages in a dusty journal that has made a comfortable home for itself on a bookshelf next to other volumes of dusty old journals that I have filled with all manner of words and context and lists and new wishes.

But this list, remains special to me. Perhaps because it was my first one. Perhaps because my blood spilled on that page that day, asking for the most outrageous things a then broken human being could ask for. And now when I look at that list, some of the uncrossed items are things I don’t even want anymore. Yet, there remain a few I still do.

Even though the cadence has decreased for my nostalgic trips to survey this list, my vists happen most often on the days you crossed my mind.

Because as I would read that list of 111 wishes, my first thought is that I wish I could share all of those with you.

Because so many were for you.

Especially one.

And maybe one day when I am long gone from this blue marble we cohabitate so closely, yet so many millions of miles apart, you’ll see that list, you’ll read it and you’ll make 111 wishes too.

And when you do, I hope each one comes true.


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