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The inevitable

by Julianne Algueseva 2 months ago in humanity
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A short story about life and death

The inevitable
Photo by Aron Visuals on Unsplash

There once was a beautiful maiden with long golden hair that shined like the sun. Skin as smooth as the fresh spring breeze. Eyes as blue as the ocean itself. Lips pink as the blossoming morning rose. She was kind and brought laughter wherever she went. Her name was Life. She was the very being that bestowed breath to all.

Life was celebrated every moment of every day since the beginning of creation. Humans would praise and thank her for their lives. Animals would bow before her and the plants would bloom at her feet. Although Life was adored by all, there was another who was like her, but dreaded and loathed. His name was Death. He was a frightening fellow with black hair that shadowed like the darkest night. Skin as white as the moon.

Eyes, black and hollow as the eternal abyss. His lips are colder than ice itself. He was indeed terrifying to all and was the very image of grief and sadness. Wherever Death went, he was hated and feared by all humans, animals and plants alike. Mortals would cry and beg before him as he took away their loved ones. Creatures, both tame and feral, would scatter at the very shadow of his presence. Every plant would wilt and die at his feet.

Time and time again, Life and Death would cross paths, sometimes they would meet each other at the same place. One would be taking a soul, the other would be giving existence. At first, Death disliked Life, but over the centuries, somehow, in some strange way, he became secretly fond of the eternal maiden. Little did Death know that she too felt the same for him. Millennia’s past, and the beings of Life and Death needed a day to themselves. A day of no reaping souls or giving existence. A day to talk and share their feelings about each other.

So, it was decided, and so it was. The next morning, as the sun rose, Life slowly glided across a meadow of wildflowers, with the wind gently blowing through her hair. She gracefully landed on the ground and waited for Death. On the opposite side of the field, Death slowly floated forwards, and as he did the blossoms wilted amongst his robes. Once his feet gradually were placed upon the soil, he opened his arms and hugged Life. Deep in each other’s embrace, they laid on the blossoming and dead soil, and for hours they talked. For them, it seemed like centuries.

Both held each other as they watched the sun set. Life stroked her lover's face and said, “my dearest Death, why do people despise you, yet adore me?” The tall and gloomy being looked into his lovers’ eyes, stroked her cheek and replied, “My lovely Life, because you are a ravishing lie and I am an agonizing truth.”

~Life and Death are inevitable, both happen every day, and it is a never-ending cycle. We are the ones that choose how we want to live. Death comes for all beings, all creatures, all ages and at the most unpredictable times. Most people fear Death because it’s unknown. It is a mystery, yes, but we really shouldn’t fear it. Death is a part of life, a new beginning, but for now, we should cherish the time that we have here on earth. Life is precious and can be wonderful. Take each day slowly, by helping, listening, respecting and having fun with one another. That way, when it’s our time, we go with a clear conscious, knowing that we lived a great life.


About the author

Julianne Algueseva

Just your friendly neighborhood writer and craftswoman. Doing all what I can to spread kindness and creativity throughout this wide world.

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