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The highest level of happiness

by mariyli 2 months ago in humanity
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From the work of happiness, is the real, eternal, the highest happiness.

In January 2007, Dong Bing, a doctor from Tsinghua University, opened four chain stores in Suzhou to repair electric cars in just 10 days. Before that, he was a deputy director of Tsinghua University, enjoying the treatment of division-level cadres. In the face of many doubts, he said in an interview with deep feeling: "I play the doctor's brand of car repair, not hype, is a reasonable use of resources. 'Peking University students sell pork' is passive, I am active, did not give Tsinghua lose face. Maybe, in other people's eyes, Doctor repair car is very humble, but they do not know, I now do their own love, live very happy, very full. I really found my purpose and direction in life." From the work of happiness, is the real, eternal, the highest happiness.

Zang Qin, a taxi driver from Shanghai, is optimistic and good at planning his work, earning more than 8,000 yuan a month. He used to say, "I am a happy driver. Some people say that I am happy because I earn more money. I told them, you're wrong. I make more money because I have a happy, positive attitude." As Buffett says, "You get up in bed in the morning because you look forward to it. I've tap-danced my way to work for 60 years because I do what I love, and I feel very lucky."

In his later years, Li Hongzhang, a senior minister of the late Qing Dynasty, wrote a thought-provoking couplet, which reads: "enjoying happiness is not an official. As long as the bag has money, the warehouse has rice, and the belly has poetry, he is the prime minister of the mountain." This is to say, enjoy the world is not an official, as long as there is money in the pocket, rice at home, belly poetry books, even in the mountains and forests live, is also the "prime minister of the people". The next couplet is: "Qi Shou Nian do not need to take medicine, I hope the body without disease, heart without worry, the door without creditors, can be immortal on the ground." That is to say, everyone wants to live a long life, but this can not be done by taking tonic medicine, because "the medicine is three parts poison". As long as the body is healthy, the heart is not sad, do not owe others debt, is a happy immortal in the world. Hengpi: Happy every day. Desire is like a silkworm, happiness is like a mulberry leaf. The bigger the mouth of desire opens, the smaller the leaf of happiness will become. Look down on fame and fortune, with indifferent to the desire of the shrub pruning into a landscape, enjoy the dull and rich life. True, eternal, supreme happiness can also be achieved from self-restraint.

Einstein said, "We live for others, and above all for these people: their smiles and happiness constitute the source of our happiness." Bill Gates and Buffett launched the "Giving Pledge" campaign, personally urging the Forbes list of billionaires to make a pledge to donate more than half of their wealth to charity, more than 40 billionaires agreed and signed. Buffett himself pledged to give away 99 percent, explaining, "The other 1 percent is enough. If we spend more money, it will neither add to our happiness nor improve our life; Instead, the 99 percent can have a huge impact on the health and well-being of other people." These rich people believe that they should make good arrangements to use their wealth to benefit the society while they are alive. It is shameful to have a huge amount of money and die. True, eternal, and supreme happiness can also be obtained from great love.

Romain Rolland succinctly summed up happiness: "True, eternal, supreme happiness can only be obtained from three things: work, self-control and love." In fact, from these three things to obtain the true, eternal, highest happiness, there is a common essence, and that is dedication. It can be said, therefore, that by sowing the seeds of devotion, we reap the fruits of true, eternal, supreme happiness.

As the saying goes, "If you want to be happy for an hour, take a nap. To be happy for a day, go fishing; To be happy for a week, go on vacation; To be happy for a month, get married immediately; To be happy for a year, inherit a fortune; To live a happy life, keep helping others and keep giving." It's a laid back.


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