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The Hidden Benefits of Being Single

On flying solo

By Katherine KeyesPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
The Hidden Benefits of Being Single
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Single people still have meaningful connections. Connections in which love, respect, sharing and loyalty exist. Deep and meaningful relationships with a diverse range of people they can call close friends.

Being single is not all doom and gloom. There are a lot more nuts and bolts to being single. Being single is just a label. Single people still have relationships and meaningful connections. With their friends and family members, workmates, and communities. Deep and meaningful relationships in which love, respect, sharing and loyalty exist. Single people often have a diverse and wide range of people they can call friends and close friends. They do not live in a vacuum, or a no man's land. Oftentimes, the range and variety of their relationships even outperform that of coupled-up people.

Being single is not a personal characteristic or a quality. It is a fleeting state of being. Most single people have been in romantic relationships. Or will be at some stage again, if they wish to.

Divorced or widowed people can also find themselves single. It can happen to anyone really, for a wide range of reasons. And at any stage of life. From this perspective the qualities that are sometimes associated with single people, such as that they are self-centred, avoidant or cannot compromise are therefore wrongful and misleading, to say the least.

Being Single Can Lead To Happier Relationships

There is a difference between being lonely and being alone. A person can be really lonely even when in a relationship, with the wrong person that is. Learning to be comfortable with one’s solitude and self-sufficiency can lead to happier future relationships. Nobody likes needy people who just use others to unburden their emotional needs and baggage. There is strenght in learning how to be on our own. And to love ourselves first.

Being Single Can Help Avoid Bad Relationships

Being single can be mentally healthy for you. Have you ever rushed into a new relationship, just to get over the previous relationship? It most likely did not work out. Rushing into a relationship very often means getting into a relationship with the wrong person. Which, ironically, can lead to a rinse-and-repeat cycle of unsuccessful relationships.

The most important relationship we have is always with ourselves

Taking some time to yourself instead is an opportunity to get to know yourself and your needs. To heal, to fix the pain. If you need time to heal or focus on yourself, that is a perfectly fine reason.

We have to live with ourselves all of our lives. That’s what it all boils down to. Being happy in your own skin, with your own company and your own thoughts is always a starting point. Treat yourself as a priority.

Then face the world of dating when ready, more knowledgeable about the type of person who would be a great match for you. It’s better to remain single than rush into love with the wrong person.

It’s great to be happily married or living together, but awful if you aren’t getting along or are in a toxic relationship. An abusive partner is certainly not a good partner. You are much better off being single and flying solo. That peace of mind when one does not have to deal with the types of relationship drama such as people who play games, situationships, jealousy issues, emotionally unavailable people and so on is priceless.

Being single or in a relationship is not a black-and-white issue, by any means. Always do what feels most comfortable to you, at any stage of your life.


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Katherine Keyes

Writing about well-being, self-care and psychology. Occassional poet and fiction writer. Based in Prague. Passionate about coffee, yoga, reading and Toastmasters. Native speaker of Czech, fluent in English (as a second language).

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