The Heart

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Is it meant to break?

The Heart

The heart, a muscular organ used to transport blood throughout the circulatory system. The human heart is split into four chambers. It has both the left and right atria, as well as a left and right ventricle. The atria is the top part of the heart while the ventricles consist of the lower half. If the heart were to stop beating for four to five minutes, one would be pronounced dead. After that, if the heart were to be mechanically pumped for someone, the chances of them being brain dead are high.

I've always wondered why people choose to put a loved one on life support once they're pronounced brain dead. Whether they're in a coma or simply alive without being able to live. Maybe it's for the comfort of knowing that even though they're gone, they're not really gone. All of my wonders began to make sense today. Although my case is not severe as someone being on life support, I discovered an analogy to make sense of it.

People fall in love, whether it's madly, deeply, carefully, or freely. It doesn't matter how you go about it because in the end, it's all the same. Loving someone is simply loving someone. Love has a miraculous influence for people. Love is accepting, comforting, and gives you a feeling of purpose. Almost as if you didn't quite understand things until you fell in love or had someone fall in love for you. People always say you shouldn't rely on others for happiness, and I highly agree on that. Relying on someone to make you happy and love you is far different than simply allowing them to make you happy and love you. Maybe that's where I went wrong. When you rely on people too much, it begins to become a chore for them. It makes you turn from a lover into a job they begin to un-enjoy. When loving someone, it shouldn't have to be scribbled into their to-do list or schedule. No, no, it should just happen. Like how you wake up in the morning from a good night sleep.

The rejection of love is Earth shattering. Having your car break down, getting laid off from a job, or struggling mentally with things is hard. But being told, "I'm no longer in love with you" is a different kind of hurt. Maybe it's just me, God I hope it's not just me. Those seven words can break any human heart in two. Even though it may not actually split into two pieces, you can nearly feel your left side of your heart begin to part from the right side. Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy is known as broken heart syndrome. A cardiologist at John Hopkins, Dr. Ilan Wittstein, once had a patient with broken heart syndrome. Takotsubo Cardiomyopathy has the same symptoms of undergoing cardiac arrest. Even though it's rare, doesn't mean it can't happen. Those who undergo broken heart syndrome are usually those who lost the life of a loved one.

No, you’re not dead, but it's almost like life support. To be with someone who fell out of love with you, is as equivalent to having them on a machine keeping them alive. They make you feel brain dead with the way they consume all of your thoughts. You suffer because you see every single light they hold. Their voice literally mends your aching soul. Their touch can send shivers throughout your spine, but they're not in love with you. To love someone and be in love with them are far different things. But sometimes in a world as cruel as this one, you need to be selfish. They love you, but don't want to be with you. They fear the thought of you with someone else, but their muscular organ just can't quite get itself to be in love with you. Keeping you alive without being able to live with you is just making me suffer. It’s time to pull the cord.

How does it work?
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