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The Future of Relationships Between Men and Women

The article shows the author's personal opinion about the relationship between a man and a woman in the future.

By Alexander PovetkinPublished 5 years ago 3 min read

Progress doesn’t stand still and affects all areas of our life. How are we going to love and go on dates in the future? What awaits us in the near future that will come in five to 10 years? How love affairs, sex, marriage, and feelings will change? Knowing the approximate scenarios, it is much more likely to be happy in personal life.

1. Auxiliary Gadgets

Sometimes you want to have a gadget on a date that will give you the topic of conversation or show a joke that one of the Russian single women will definitely like. Google and Apple will soon be able to present such features in their glasses.

2. Remote Kiss

In the future, we will be able to kiss any person from anywhere in the world. It sounds crazy, but now, some gadgets allow you to transfer touches through the internet. So what awaits us next?

3. Feeling of a Partner

We will even be able to see a person’s emotions one day. Scientists are working to create a “smart tattoo,” in which they want to embed a system of control for different states of a person. The tattoo or subcutaneous gadget will glow with different patterns, depending on how we feel. For example, when lovers hold hands, the heart may appear on the tattoo, showing mutual feelings. Developers believe that such tattoos may appear as early as 2021.

4. Selection of a Soulmate According to the Behavior

The databases embedded in the computer will help us determine the models of human behavior and calculate the “ideal soulmates.” In addition, such innovations will help make important decisions about readiness for marriage or childbirth. Imagine that “telepathic computers” will also be able to predict a partner’s behavior in various life situations before these situations occur in real life. Such information can help people decide whether they want to break up or continue to get acquainted with a particular person.

5. A Match from Any Part of the World

Already nowadays the place of residence is not a limitation when choosing a loved one. You can search for a couple not only in your hometown, but also in any city in the world. The distance between people is reduced due to the development of transport. Today, there are already ultra high speed technologies that allow overcoming even very long distances in a matter of hours. In other words, a trip to your loved one to the other end of the world will soon take very little time.

6. Guest Relationships

It will appear when couples enjoy each other’s company not all the time, but periodically. This kind of relationship can be observed now among actors, musicians, athletes, and other celebrities. People will live their lives, but they will come and go back from time to time. So, couples will stay together, but separately. The communication period will be individual—from a couple of days to a couple of months.

7. Refusal of Marriages

Over the past decades, the number of people who chosen cohabitation has increased 10 times—and this is just the beginning. If people marry, it will not be before 30 years old. They don’t strive for this anymore.

8. DNA Partner Selection

Each person’s DNA is unique. In the future, scientists may well find parts of the DNA chain by which it will be possible to find the perfect partner. Over the past decade, the value of DNA examination has increased dramatically. The availability of data will allow more research in this area and will help scientists know exactly what role DNA plays in the fact that some people find us attractive, while others remain completely indifferent to us, which in turn, optimizes the couple matching process.


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