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The first success is important

It is said that such women are always more likely to be favored by Lady luck

By poohPublished about a year ago 4 min read

Ouyang says her hometown of Guilin is a good place to live. The soft beauty of Lijiang River, the interest of elephant Trunk Mountain, the city surrounded by mountains and rivers, verdant and containing the spirit, this southern woman nourished by Guilin mountains and rivers, is full of a spirit. She's brilliant, she's gorgeous, and she seems to show up just to impress.

It is said that such women are always more likely to be favored by Lady luck.

When she was in her third year of high school, her teacher told her that the Beijing Broadcasting Institute was going to recruit students in Guilin and encouraged her to apply. Examination in the provincial bureau of radio and television, that year thousands of people apply for the examination, finally only admitted her one.

Near graduation, Shanghai TV to Canton candidates. Although Ouyang is not attractive, the director of the station himself made the decision, saying: "Her connotation will inject a fresh blood into the news program." At that time, Guangyuan had decided to send her to graduate school, Shanghai is a breach of contract. With no regrets, Shanghai TV paid the "contrite money" to the university for Xia Dan, and Guangyuan also reserved the postgraduate entrance qualification for her for two years.

Four years later, in 2003, the economic Channel of CCTV 2 "auditioned" the host in all channels of the country. The head of the second program keeps the TV on from dawn to dusk, acting as a talent scout. Ouyang Xiadan again, the woman who smiles like flying flowers, let people shine at the moment again, after the audition became the first choice among the finalists.

Why does she always meet with "good things" and smooth sailing? While others are envious, Ouyang Xia Dan has no time to be proud. While more people admire perseverance, she values the first success more. Because it was a lot of "first success" that got her where she is today.

As soon as she entered junior high school, her father began to fall ill in hospital and had to undergo chemotherapy, and the family's economic conditions were also significantly reduced. This makes naughty love to play Ouyang Xiadan suddenly sober, "seems to understand things at once", from the beginning of the first day, the achievement of a rapid progress. But it was a speech contest in her class that changed her life.

See her only know learning, do not love to participate in collective activities, the class teacher Luo Zongchang encouraged her to participate in the class speech competition, but also patiently to accompany her to practice again and again. As a result, she won the first place in the speech contest in the whole city. This first success gave her a huge shock: she had so much energy, so much potential! From then on, she won the first place in the city's middle school students' speech contest for three consecutive years.

High school study is intense and full, she took part in the school play "Necklace", and won the "best actress award". The success made her more confident and clear about her interests. That's why she was brave enough to apply for Beijing Broadcasting Institute and stand out among thousands.

In Guangyuan, she ranked first in cultural courses, but her major was mediocre. After all, when it comes to language skills, students in Beijing have a distinct advantage. But she did not "accept fate", every morning at 6 a.m., she got up, to the school playground, in front of the poplar and walnut trees practice voice. In the second year, without the teacher's supervision, there were fewer students who insisted on practicing voice, but she kept on. Because of her persistence, in her sophomore year, she was the first in cultural courses and the top level in professional courses.

The teacher always liked students who made rapid progress, so he recommended her to host the "singer contest" of the school art festival. This made her nervous because the students in Quang are generally very active and often heckle and boo at such events. But that night, the students had been quietly watching the program, no one booed and clapped. Once again on her own, she achieved her "first success" in the Canton Court. This also made her more confident, more calm, the subsequent success of the natural, one after another, even a bit of competition.

Greater success means more effort. At 4:30 a.m., two alarm clocks and a cell phone wake her up to get back to work. Regardless of rain, snow, wind and frost, she will go straight to his post.

Even though she has become the representative of CCTV's "new talent host", Ouyang Xiadan still did not stop, and made some study plans in stages, added some fresh knowledge, strengthened English learning, and stepped forward to the goal of a bilingual host.

The first success is important, and constantly strive for "first success", in fact, is to build up momentum, accumulate. That's why success is sustainable.


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