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The distance of life

by mariyli 4 months ago in humanity
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The distance of life, we desire to lengthen and broaden;

The road of life is a road full of ups and downs, no matter whether it is long or short, the future is unpredictable, since we exist in the form of life, we must stubbornly go on, the road is full of loneliness and hardships, we can sing a song, can also shed tears, but we can not stop the pace and sincere communication.

The distance of life, is the distance between love and love, we are eager to reach; Is the distance between dream and dream, we are eager to set out; It's the distance between the heart and the heart that we long to shorten. If there are 1,000 steps between us, all you have to do is take the first step and I will take the other 999 steps in your direction.

It was an early summer morning. The air was clean, the sun was shining overhead, and everything was quiet. The crowd of commuters passed me in a hurry and order. Only then can you feel the existence of life. The cold wind of life suddenly falls to, dizzy float from the bottom of people's hearts, straight into the brain. The exchange of laughter and laughter was suddenly reduced to hysterical screams. Time and life completed a transaction without an order. The noise began to boil, the anxiety began to tremble, the tension began to creep, the crowd, the traffic, the world.

In the crowd, those who are willing to quarrel with you are the ones who really love you. Pay true heart, will get true heart, but also may hurt thoroughly. Keep a distance to protect yourself, but also doomed to forever lonely. Sometimes, not each other don't care about you, but you take each other too seriously. The true bosom friend, is not together have endless topics, but together do not talk, will not feel embarrassed. There is no half of one hundred, only fifty two people, for your sad and sad, is the person who should be put into the heart to cherish.

Went home to the Northeast for two weeks. It started when I learned that my second sister had been admitted to county hospital with a heart attack. It made me break out in a cold sweat. The second sister is 67 years old, once there is an accident, will let the highest in my family, the only male regret too much. Really, such as the second brother, said pneumonia in the hospital, I think, should be the problem is not big? With appropriate anti-inflammatory drugs will be better in a few days, but, my judgment is wrong! The second brother hurried away... I for two elder brother sad war, also for oneself at the same time, not cold and stand, that black and white impermanence has begun to stare at the next of me. So I urged my son to book a plane ticket for me online and flew back to my hometown in a hurry. Fortunately, the second sister has left the hospital, she hung a gaunt smile, took my hand and said: brother, I have seen you sick half better... My nose was immediately sore, and I swallowed a lump or wail.

Hometown news and old events roll into a rice ball, let you eat it alive, want to explode in the chest. Contact with these ever-changing sources of life, family affairs, not a big heart can not, must be able to install; You can't do without a big stomach. You have to be able to digest. In the case of short time and many chores, can only take the first to install, and then a little bit of rumination method. When I returned to the community, a sad news pricked my ears: Kang teacher left...... Kang teacher's voice and appearance is still in, she is still in the community of all kinds of love, she is still in the scientific concept of children education, her talkative and bright is still in... The morning we returned home, we still had breakfast at a table in the office canteen... I heard that when I sleep at night, I can't get up in the morning. When my ten-year-old granddaughter calls her, she has left silently for a long time!

The brilliance of life and the withering of life is dramatically linked together. Overnight, joy turned to grief. The same landscape, here is vigorous, there is silent. Death, life, so close. The nightmare like reality, shattered the dream of how many people. All sorrow and joy will come to an end. A living kindness must be returned in blood. Time gives them a life. Life gave them a moment. Life is accidental and cannot be restored. So I waited for the second hand to point to the compass of life. For we can never understand life without time and time without life. Sad grand people can not feel with it, sadness is never played to see who. Feel life is really very fragile, is so fragile, dare not imagine, at the end of the life of that moment, how will they be? Sometimes it's scary. People have a fear of death, which means the lack of Zen cultivation; Only the peace and relief of death, is a great understanding - death has always been the festival of life.

The distance of life, we desire to lengthen and broaden; From shore to shore we stumble; From here to then, we cling; From the heart to the heart, we inch by inch gentle, let love the forest thick shade day, intertwined, endless.


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