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The Difference Between Marriage and Relationships

by AstroVed about a month ago in humanity
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Since the olden times, women have been told that they are inferior to men. This was believed to be seeing the physical power of men. However, time changed, and science gave us many facts and research. Now it’s clear that women may not be stronger than men physically, but there are more capable of bearing pain. There are far more emotionally advanced than men, and they understand emotions like no others.

This is also the reason why they are considered the homemakers and that without a woman, a household simply falls down. However, since the olden days, there has been one more compulsion also, which is about getting married. Today even if the world has innovated so many technologies, we all consider ourselves far superior to our past generations, but marriage compulsion still exists.

In major parts of the world, if you are not married, you do not get considered complete. Those who are less conservative and allow love marriages in their society also believe that without marriage, a couple can’t survive. Basically, humans understand marriage as some kind of pillar on which their relationship can stand and without which it won’t last.

However, we all need to change this thought and broaden our perception. We need to understand that it’s not marriage that keeps two people tied together, but it’s love and the way two people feel about each other. Because if marriages were that strong, there would be no place for divorces. People get married, and they take divorce, which shows that a marriage can’t guarantee that a couple will live together for a lifetime.

Hence marriage should not be compulsory, but it should be a choice only. Also, couples who think that a marriage can keep the other person there for a lifetime should not get married. Those who are insecure and marry the other person only because they can feel a sense of achievement should not get married. This is because when there is no trust and when a relationship is full of insecurities, the relationship will hardly survive whether you get married or not.

Similarly, those who trust each other and love each other do not have any need to get married since their love doesn’t need a sign on a paper or a few rituals to be done in front of the community.

Surely a person may crave a companion, and raising a child gets easier when you have a partner by your side. But in no world does marriage need to be a compulsion just so you can say a person is yours.

Couples who want to consider marriage as an additional step can marry the other person on their own will. However, they should be able to live freely without society pressuring them to marry. To be there for each other, two people only need love and understanding. If they have got these two factors right, they become compatible enough to live with each other and support in the tough times. No marriage can save a relationship that does not contain trust and understanding.

Society needs to understand that it is love, trust, and understanding that should bind two people to each other and not a marriage. Unmarried couples should be seen as equal and given respect as it is for married couples.

In modern times, marriage happened because society was more conservative, and women were dependent on their men. Today everything has changed, and each individual is more responsible and independent. In fact, today, men have to follow the hard regulations of laws in case he gets divorced. The woman may claim his property and monthly amount if she wants. In some cases, women marry a man just because they can satisfy their motive to become rich by being financially free.

When we remove marriage from the picture, no such law applies to any men or women. In that scenario, two individuals will make a more mindful decision where they both will be independent by having their own jobs and incomes. No hardships that come after a divorce and while taking a divorce will be there. People will be able to live with each other of their own will and not because of society’s pressure just because they have got married.

It doesn’t mean that no one should get married. Surely couples can get married if they want to, but it should not be because of any pressure. Some marriages are successful, and some are not, and the decision should be of two individuals if they want to get married and not anyone else’s.

There is a much need for understanding in our world that should force no one to stay in a relationship. Companionship should come naturally, and people should choose each other from their hearts. They should live together as long as they love the other person and feel loved. This way, the overall happiness of humans in a society can be improved for sure. Read more :


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