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The Difference Between a Belief and a Psychic Fact

Knowing these 'psychic facts' can be extremely beneficial for our wellbeing :)

By Gabriel MohrPublished 3 years ago 8 min read

Quick Facts

-A belief is a repeating thought and/or audio pattern that’s emotionally charged, and often acted out!

-A psychic fact is an observable psychic constant, like how a tree is an observable physical constant!

-While it can be difficult, discerning between beliefs and psychic facts (especially psychic facts about ourselves) has great potential to help us be whole and healthy!


In this article, we’ll be separating belief from psychic fact in an attempt to form a more complete understanding of our psyche. The more complete our understanding, the more control, wholeness, and peace we have the potential to feel! Are you excited? Me too! Let’s get started!

Why Is It Important To Know This?

By now I’m confident you know the power of belief, and that our beliefs can shape our lives for better or for worse. It’s very likely that we’re carrying and acting out a certain set of beliefs, perhaps they were created by us, and perhaps they were not, and that our lives are predetermined to the extent that we’re acting them out.

But, how do we know about the power of belief? How do we know that beliefs often shape the way we live our lives, whether we know about it or not? This is where ‘psychic observation’ comes in, or observing the metaphysical portions of ourselves and others. It is through this observation that I discovered that the beliefs we identify with really do determine how we live our lives, and it’s very easy to say that this is a ‘psychic fact.’

Psychic facts tend to be very helpful since they serve as ‘platforms’ to build on and tools to shape our lives with. Also, many psychic facts tend to be regenerative in nature, even if they don’t seem like this on the surface, and this is one of many reasons why I consider it very important to know as many psychic facts as humanly possible!

What Is A Belief?

Let’s start with my definition of a belief. I see a belief as “a repeating thought and/or audio pattern that is usually emotionally charged, and physically/psychically acted out.” If someone believes in God, for example, they will most likely read the bible, go to church, and believe that they must act according to his word, among other things. If someone believes that it’s tough to survive out there, they will most likely make life harder on themselves (sometimes over a long period of time) and keep themselves from having everything except what they believe they need to survive.

Every time we experience an emotion, it’s most likely connected to a belief (or belief system) we hold. This is because most beliefs are emotionally charged. If I were to walk up to a survivalist and say, “you’re surviving in a world that’s tough. It’s hard to make it nowadays,” I’ll probably garner a positive response. However, if I say to them “it isn’t that hard to make it will all of the advancements we’ve made, you can do it,” they’ll probably tire of me fairly quickly.

While this seems simple in concept, it can be much different as a felt experience, especially if our beliefs are shattered. If one partner truly believes that the other is loving, and the other begins to show characteristics that contradict this belief, the negative response can feel absolutely devastating and can lead to poor lifestyle choices that, sometimes, affect them for the rest of their lives.

If I never observed any negative consequences from holding any kind of belief, I wouldn’t be writing this post. But, in fact, some solutions can be equipped and applied when it comes to problems like these, and that leads me to my next answer.

What Is A Psychic Fact?

A psychic fact is a psychic occurrence that completely and totally, is. Just like we can observe a tree growing out of the ground, we can observe a psychic fact by looking within ourselves and watching other people.

For example, it’s a psychic fact that we create and hold on to our own beliefs, even if we claim that certain beliefs come from other people. We can be influenced or told to believe a certain belief, but we ultimately use our own psychic energy to keep the belief within our being. It’s also a psychic fact that we seek to communicate, even if we aren’t aware of the part(s) of our personality that wants to do the communicating.

These kinds of facts can be very, very useful when taken all the way. We can deduce something like, “since I hold onto my own beliefs, and since I can assign emotions to said beliefs, does that mean that my negative emotion is caused by XYZ belief? If so, I choose to disidentify from it so that I can control and transform this part of myself instead of letting it control me!”

How Can We Tell The Difference?

This part can be very, very tricky since beliefs and psychic facts can practically look like the same thing. But let’s take a look at one of my assertions, “we create and hold onto our own beliefs.”

You may be wondering, “isn’t it just a belief that we create and control our beliefs?” or something to that extent.

If I’m ever questioning myself about it, I always like to answer it, and to do that I start looking around at other people. Do they act it out? Do they notice that they’re acting it out? What happens if I give 100 people with very different belief systems this kind of knowledge, does it have the same effect for each and every one of them? Does everyone have this alleged “psychic ability” that I proclaim they have? So on and so forth.

Since collective psychic facts are the same across all minds and belief systems, I can usually come to a very solid conclusion very quickly. With this claim, in particular, I can answer with a yes! People do create, hold onto, and act out their own beliefs, objectively, without question!

Then I put it through another ‘filter question,’ “is this simply a belief that’s believed by the masses and posing as a psychic fact?” This is when I begin to look within myself for the answer, especially through meditation and paying attention to my dreams. In this particular case, I began disidentifying from every belief that I held so that I could have a clearer grasp of the truth (among other things). Suddenly, after enough research and subjective exploration, I found that almost every person on this planet can control their beliefs in one way or another and that this is, indeed, a psychic fact.

The more subjective and intuitive the process of finding psychic facts, the more precious and “constant” the discoveries tend to be. Trusting yourself when you ask yourself, “Is so and so a belief, or a constant reality?” is a great example of this since intuition always responds in a high vibration.

I’m gifted in the sense that I can easily discern between a psychic fact and a strongly-held belief. Gifted, or perhaps I developed this skill without really noticing it. I do know that it’s possible to develop this as a skill and figure out which truths are “lesser truths” (beliefs, etc) and which truths are “greater truths” psychic facts, etc).

How Can We Gather Psychic Facts For Ourselves?

Ahh yes, my favorite part of the post! How can we gather and apply these kinds of facts in our own lives?

From my experience, psychic facts that apply to you, you wonderful individual, are often what matter the most! So, it’s easy and quite effective to start with an emotion you feel and go from there!

“I know that I feel down. Why? Oh, it’s because I didn’t achieve my goal. Why do I let myself get down if I don’t achieve my goal? Because if I don’t, then goals mean nothing right? Actually, no, I don’t have to let myself get down as much as I do, I’ll just tell myself that I have to keep going! My emotional state doesn’t have to change, I just have to keep going!”

In this example of inner dialogue, our example character finds a few PFs - they feel down because they didn’t achieve their goal. They believe they need to put themselves down or else the goal will mean nothing. They realize that they don’t need to put themselves down. With these in mind, they can shift their mindset in the correct direction and be easier on themselves when they don’t achieve their goals.

They could go even further with this and ask, “why do I have these particular goals, anyway? Because I want money and emotional fulfillment. Is there a better way to obtain and retain these things besides being an accountant? Yes, there is! And it is to be a rafting guide!”

While the last two sentences are beliefs, they are positive, regenerative beliefs, so I’ll let them slide ;). The PF to be found here is the discovery that they want money and emotional fulfillment - this isn’t a belief, even if the want is created by a belief or a belief system! You can see how wanting to obtain psychic facts can lead to positive changes and experiences, sometimes leading to long-term wholeness and fulfillment.

Meditation, observation, dreamwork, and psychedelics are effective ways of gathering psychic facts as well. Observation of other people is a fantastic way to begin gathering psychic facts that are objective and shared by others, meditation and dreamwork are great ways for gathering both individual and collective psychic facts, and psychedelics… Well, they blow everything out of the water anyway, lol. I always recommend questioning whether or not your new discovery is a belief or a psychic fact. Putting them through the tests (and any tests you create on your own) will help you determine one way or the other, and it isn’t fundamentally bad if it turns out to be a belief! Then, at least, you have an answer :)

Final Thoughts

Since beliefs and psychic facts can be almost identical, I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of us have trouble finding “the diamonds in the rough,” however, I suspect that some among us will be quite talented at the same time!

It’s hard to truly convey the importance (and psychic rewards) of knowing these different facts. Maybe I’ll make a compilation of the facts I’ve discovered up until this point, and the processes I used to find them. I’d like some feedback from you, would you like to see a post like that? :)


Thank you so, so much for reading my post! This information took me a while to gather, and I truly hope you’ll take it all the way and find a ton of psychic facts for yourself. See you in the next one!


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