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The day I became rich!

A short story by Nikki Robin

By Nikki LawrencePublished 3 years ago 5 min read

Good day, I’m gonna tell you story that happened not so long ago in a place not far from here, about a gentleman whose name is Frank.

Frank live a lonely life on the outside but a really busy life on the inside, he worked at a small mom and pop factory and produced some of the best candy that you would ever eat, well today is a special day! Today is Frank’s birthday!

Frank went into work and there was a present that stated Happy Birthday Frank ( it was in purple and turquoise paper with blue polkadots on it)!

Frank wondered who thought of him because Frank works alone in this company and the owners are rarely ever there!

Well Frank opened this present and it was a little black notebook, he opened it up and the first words it said were,

Happy Birthday Frank

Are You Ready?

(Frank thought... ready for what? Who would want to give me something I’m a nobody, not even a sparkle in someone’s eyes!)

The next page stated

Follow these steps and you’ll change your life,

Step 1. Go home Frank your not feeling well

Step 2. On the way home stop at the closest Convenience store.

Step 3. Pick a 649 lottery ticket the 6dollar one,

Step 4. Pick 1,3,5,6,7,10 and encore

Step 5. Go home and get some sleep!

Tomorrow’s gonna be a big day!

Don’t flip the page till the next day,

So Frank called his employer and told them he wasn’t feeling well, Frank did everything a the book said and even went home,

At home he got very anxious and decided to read the next page even though the book told him not to,

(The book)

Frank we know how anxious you are but it’s still today and even if you read the next 4 pages you will only find blank pages this book is being written by magic! Everything will make sense tomorrow!!

Frank closed the book was feeling tired so he lied down and took a nap


Beep beep beeep, gooood morning There was a winner of last nights draw of 20million dollars they had every number right, can you believe that!! The numbers were 2,4,6,8,11,20. Hopefully they find that lucky winner! What would you do if you won 20million! -radio DJ

Frank Wakes up thinking gahh I didn’t win the 649 wth I spent 6bucks on a fake ticket!

No I missed an entire day of work which now I need to find an extra 50bucks because rent is due in a few days gahh!

Frank is so upset that he opens the book flips the page and the book states

Frank you know you will never actually win the lottery right!!! The lottery is a fake program designed to lure you in, people that win the large amounts were chosen by the lottery companies!

Your big surprise is coming soon! But you have to play by the book and your not winning yet!!

Go enjoy your day off it is Saturday you know!!

Frank decided you know what instead of dwelling on something he can’t have he decided to go out for a day on town! When he was walking out of his 1bedroom apartment he found 10 bucks on the ground. Thought hey someone lost that, he went downtown to his favourite coffee shop and used the 10 bucks to buy something for the person behind him!

Leaving the shop he wanted to go for a nice long walk and smile and say hi to everyone in this miserable town because Frank feels good he found money and he has his black book!

Frank walked across town to the park where he sipped his black coffee ate a cookie and watched the boats on the water, Frank decided to open up the book and continue to read,

The book stated,

Hey Frank, if you found 20k right now what would you do with the money?

Frank thought.... him 20k eh, well I’m in a bit of debt so I would pay off the 5k, then I’d pay the year of rent upfront now I have 3k then I would buy 1500 of grocery cards but only have them as 100/card the rest I would....


I don’t need anything, but George and Carol lost everything last month so I would give them some money in a envelope because they need it more than me, I’d actually rather help anyone else because I’m just a nobody and if I spend 20k on myself others would think I’m greedy, so I would actually give 15k back to the community and help who ever I can that needs help!

(The book)

Your wish has been granted Frank!

Your debts have all been paid off, George and Carol just received a lump sum, and the commun....WAIT....

Yes Frank?

I was thinking this how did you know that this is what I wanted??

Frank we know everything we are the other side, the other dimension that you can’t see, we know your thought your feelings and everything you actually do! We see everything here!

Is what you dreamt of actually what you want to do with the 20k?

Wait... the 20K is real dang I thought it was an if! Wow where is this 20k coming from?

That doesn’t matter Frank, what matters is what would you do with it?

So the Question is.

What would you do with 20,000 dollars if it randomly appeared in your presents?



Frank decided to continue his walk and in the corner stuff between this rock was a 649 lottery ticket with the numbers of 2,4,6,8,11,20!

The End



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