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The Biggest Regrets Of 50-Somethings: And A Very Controversial Eye Opening Insight For The Rest of You

I'm 53 years old, and I approve of this message.

By Rick MartinezPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
The Biggest Regrets Of 50-Somethings: And A Very Controversial Eye Opening Insight For The Rest of You
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Woulda, coulda, shoulda are like the three musketeers of the regretful.

The folks who turn a particular corner in life and then reflect back on all that they perceive they've missed.

"If only I woulda taken that job offer in Seattle..."

"I coulda spent way less time at work..."

"I shoulda had children..."

These are just some of the regrets people in their 50's have about life, family, love, and success.

We're all looking back on our lives with a different perspective now than when we were younger. We've learned what it means to be a parent or grandparent, how hard it is to find satisfying work that isn't soul-sucking, and why you should always take an opportunity if it comes your way--even if it forces you to uproot or makes you a bit uncomfortable.

Take heed from these wise words of experience.

Now that I'm in my 50's, I honestly catch myself thinking about things I may have missed. Things I think I regret. Those thoughts that make my head droop a bit as I shake it and think to myself... "if only I".

Then I stop.


And pick my head up.

You know why?

Because THIS is my life. This is the life I chose.

Right here and right now, this is the life I'm living. If I was to type up yet another nauseating "7 Things Fifty-Year Olds Regret About The Past" article, then I'd be doing these few things.

Thing #1: I'd be UN-original as heck

(I really wanted to use the "F" word there, but some editors don't like it).

Look, if you're looking for an article to make you feel as if you're not alone for your perceived poor life choices...well...Cowboy up partner because this ain't it. Close this page up now and keep surfing for something that's gonna rub you like mom did when you scraped your knee.

We've made our choices.

I wrote this for the go-getter 50-something-year-old.

Thing #2: You'd make a stupid decision based on my regurgitated listicle

Dollars to donuts if I had slopped out another "7 Reasons..." post, then you'd likely hop out of your Lazy-Boy, set your TV dinner aside, look at your wife and tell her this.

"Mabel. I'm not gonna live another day with regret, so I'm going skydiving!"

You'd scare Mabel senseless, then give away $200 bones for a chance to kiss the sky, and basically roll the dice that this NON-regret isn't the last thing to blow through your mind just before the earth does from a bad parachute pack.

Thing #3: There is no Thing #3!

Didn't Things #1 and #2 knock some sense into your 50'ish year old coconut?

So hear me out, straight from the Mac of a 53-year-old who seized life by the damn testicles.

If you're reading this and you actually are in your fifties, then you should also know that there's a whole bunch of people living large well into their 90's and even 100's.

The message?

You're only 1/2 way there, so stop crying and get to living! You've got 50 years of experience under your belt.

Even if that belt is three notches bigger now.

Look, up until now, the moral of this story is:

Live your life with no damn regrets.


So you didn't ask the girl to the dance. Ask her now.

That job in Seattle? Pfff. Pack a bag and find one if you still wanna move to Grunge-Ville.

Pushing 54 and never had kids? Volunteer and Boys and Girls Club, or if you're really serious and not just waxing poetic, then put on some Barry White, grab some wine, and tell Mabel you wanna have a chat. (wink-wink).

Just get up and do something so that when you're 70, 80, or 90 something, you're not reading a damn article titled...

"The Biggest Regrets Of 80-Somethings..."

"At the end of the day, let there be no excuses, no explanations, no regrets." ― Steve Maraboli

Carpe Diem, you young hustler you.


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California born, Texas raised.

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