The best thing about being single, is sleeping around

by Aundrea Richey 16 days ago in single

You can sleep all over that bed of yours, left side, right side, middle. Fan on, fan off, a night light, shoe's on.. girl we got OPTIONS.

The best thing about being single, is sleeping around
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Why the fuck do I continuously get asked who I’m dating? Does it matter if I was seen canoodling at Chris Eisel’s Halloween party? *All my Mean Girls should get this reference*

Listen, I thrive being solo. In fact, today I prefer it. But I will admit, I do get bits of FOMO when scrolling thru the gram, looking at endless pictures of all these “happy couples.” And then I remember, I used to post cute pictures of me and my ex’s and we were unhappy as f!ck.

So really, I hardly believe most of what I see on social. Think about how easy it is for us to Photoshop our personalities (ha), we can easily Photoshop the “happy” right onto our boyfriends faces too.

You know, it didn’t actually hit me until I entered my third year of “singledom” that I was like, oh shit.. I’m like single SINGLE. Being single has developed into a personality trait of mine. I'm usually the friend my girls hit up to tag along with a group of guys because they know I have no one to check in with.

Everywhere I look everyone's bumble dates actually look like their photos and me.. I can't even get a response within 24hrs before expiration. I can't even count on my dates to show up on time or show up at all.

Has anyone ever thought that I don't know.. maybe some of us actually like being single? Probably not. Because they're too busy either feeling bad for us or trying desperately to hook us up with their beau's, bros. I've had enough Chad's I'm good but thanks.

And I will admit, I do want a boyfriend. I do want to be in love again someday, (hence the bumble reference- gosh is that always a waste of time).

But what I will not do is get into a relationship with the swipe of the day, because I'm feeling the clock tick.

I want to talk openly to anyone waiting for it to be their turn. I want to talk about how to find joy and abundance in the in between. The in between is literally the time between who we are now and who we want to be when we get to wherever it is we want to go.

I am ready to air it all out for ya'll and if you're a dude I've dated in the last 3 years..I've come to terms that you were nothing more than content for this blog and that.. has aided the healing process and helps me sleep at night thank you very much.

Aundrea Richey
Aundrea Richey
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