The Beginning of Something New

by Melod Nawabi 6 months ago in humanity

Stories from Chapter One

The Beginning of Something New

Hey my name is Abdul Melod Aziz Nawabi, I go by Melod. This is my first professional post, truth be told, it's a bit nerve-wracking. As I'm learning how this platforms works, and how people enjoy sharing their content, I will take it upon myself to give you some background information about me:

I was born in Afghanistan, I was about two months old when my parents decided to get us out of the Russian war that was going on in Afghanistan. We moved to many places in, and around, the Middle East. In Pakistan we lived in Jalalabad for about two years, Kandahar Afghanistan for about three years. We moved to many places in, and around, Afghanistan and Pakistan to avoid death from the wars going on in Afghanistan, at the time my mother was a TV anchor for the local Community News Channel, and my father was a technician for the same Community News Channel. They met each other and fell in love there, but that's another story.

My parents finally decided it was time to move to North America, to get me out of harm's way, and get themselves away from the war. On the airplane ride over to Canada we had a layover in Germany, I remember looking outside my window seat, seeing a small child in a black winter jacket playing in the snow while we landed. Once we landed in Germany my father went out to get food for the family. He was stopped by German airport security, he was asked questions on who he was, why was he there, and if he had any plans on hurting Germany, normal protocol for airport security... If you're a suspicious person, which my father was not. Once my father clarified what our reason was for our short layaway stay in Germany, the German security let my father and us go by, directly escorted us to our gates, and made sure we got on our next flight.

We finally arrive in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. I remember my aunt came and picked us up. My aunt Zee, and her husband Azeem were driving a Mazda MPV. The front seat consisted of my uncle Azeem in the driver seat, my aunt Zee in the passenger seat, my cousin Daawer in the mid-backseat me beside him, and my parents in the very back of the Mazda. That was my first time seeing my aunt and cousin, and the first interaction I had with my cousin was stealing his harmonica. The whole ride back to my aunt's house, him and I got into an argument. It was hard for my parents and aunt to chat, because of our behavior. Once we reached my aunt's house, my aunt forced my cousin Daawer to give me the harmonica. I remember using it once, right in front of him, and throwing it on the floor. Thus began our very complicated friendship.

Fast forward about 15 years I entered high school, it took me five years to graduate high school, and when I did, I didn't go into post secondary education right away, I took some time to develop myself and understand what I wanted to do. That was back in 2011. 2018 was when I figured out that I want to be a Chartered Accountant. I went back to school to update and upgrade some marks, I'm happy to say in September 2019 I'll be enrolled into classes.

These are the type of stories I will be sharing with you, with many more stories in my storage, don't worry I'll let you know what happened in-between those 15 years I skipped.

Thank you, Melod

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Hi my name is Abdul Melod Aziz Nawabi i go by Melod. Im new to having a professional voice on social platforms, so please give me some time to understand how all this works professionally. I'm 6' 270lbs at the age 27 and I'm Afghan Canadian

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