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The 8 Types Of People That You Should Surround Yourself With

For a happier healthier you

By Gal MuxPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
The 8 Types Of People That You Should Surround Yourself With
Photo by Gemma Chua-Tran on Unsplash

There is a famous saying that posits that a person is the sum total of the people they hang around with.

I believe this to be true as your friends and associates can shape the person you are. It is not solely about peer pressure or negatively being influenced per se, it’s just that you might find yourself engaging in the activities they are engaged in simply because you are hanging out with them.

In my younger years, I found myself regularly taking alcohol and going out clubbing not because I enjoyed these activities or because I had been drawn to that other side and became that person, but simply because the people I was hanging out with were doing them.

After periods of self-discovery, I decided to make the deliberate effort of only hanging around people that were good for me, my general happiness and my mental health. I also decided to hang around people that were into what I was into and were headed in the direction that I was headed. In addition, I decided to keep anyone with negative vibes away from me.

I decided that I’d rather be alone than be with or around anyone that would make me sad, angry, irritated, anxious and insecure or anyone that brought out the bad sides of me. It didn’t matter the nature of the relationship that we had.

For the sake of my happiness and mental health, I decided to hang around sincere, happy, eager for knowledge, independent, helpful and open-minded people among others.

Here are the types of people that are healthy and good to surround yourself with. For a happier and healthier life, surround yourself with them.

Funny people

Funny people will bring joy to your life. They will make you laugh often which is medicine for your body and soul.

Spending time with funny people will always leave you feeling happy. They will help you see the bright side even in bad situations which will brighten your mood and help you come up with working solutions.

You can never have a dull day with a funny person.


Entrepreneurs will always see opportunities even in the worst of scenarios. They are dreamers. They are bold and audacious. They always remain hopeful and they never give up however much they fail.

As entrepreneurship requires a lot of smart and hard work, befriending them might help you borrow these rewarding habits. Hanging around them might motivate you to see, grab and create opportunities. Some entrepreneurs might even share these opportunities with you and bring you along their journey of success.


There is a lot of knowledge stored in books and other pieces of writing.

By spending time with readers and well-read people, you might benefit from all the knowledge they possess because they might share it with you. This knowledge may come in handy or useful for you in your life. You might even borrow the wonderful habit of reading from them.

Thankful people

People that make showing gratitude a consistent habit in their lives are fulfilling to hang around with.

They make you feel appreciated and this might motivate you to be appreciative yourself. It might also inspire you to do other good deeds to them because they too will be well appreciated.

By Simon Maage on Unsplash

Independent people

People that are in control of the various aspects of their lives are inspiring to hang around with. From mental to emotional and to financial independence.

Such people are not draining to hang around with as they will mostly not be doing so in a bid to benefit from what you have, but to share in a mutually beneficial relationship.

Independent people are also good for your mental health. They are not overly needy and tackle their issues without passing them over to you in an unhealthy way. And if they do share their issues with you, it is to mutually find tactical solutions.

Open-minded people

These are one of the healthiest people to hang around with. As people with a wide range of view, they are more accepting as they do not believe that their way is the best or only way.

Rather than consistently argue, open-minded people will also choose to agree to disagree. Their non-judgemental nature makes them very pleasant people to hang around with. The fact that they are very accepting of people, even those different than themselves, makes them good people for both your mental health and general happiness.

Sincere people

Sincere people will not bull shit you. They will tell you as it is. They are not people pleasers and will help you see things the way they are and not the way you wish they were.

They will not care whether you love them or hate them, but their sincere and bold opinions might be useful to you if you take it positively. They will also tell you when you are in the wrong which can help you improve on yourself.

Sincere people will help push you out of your comfort zone and to be a better version of you.

Loyal people

To avoid living a life where you always have to watch your back wondering who is waiting to stab you, surround yourself with loyal people.

You can know loyal people by whether they show loyalty to the other people in their lives. If someone is constantly telling you the business of others with the intention of tarnishing their reputation, know that they are also telling others your business with the aim of tarnishing your reputation. Avoid such people like the plague!

Disloyal employees, colleagues, friends, relatives, and spouses are toxic and are bad for general well being and mental health.


Surrounding yourself with people that impact your life in positive ways will build you and will lead to a healthier fulfilling life. It’s important that we also strive to be people that positively impact the lives of others.


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