The 5 P's to Building Up Your Husband

by Sima Ballinger 2 years ago in advice

Effective Ways to Have a Successful, Lasting Marriage

The 5 P's to Building Up Your Husband

Focus on Your Husband's Needs

In my 32 years of marriage I’ve learned a thing or two about what makes this union work. I spent many days and nights trying to figure out my husband. When we were newlyweds, life was very simple. We made goo-goo eyes at one another most days. When we had children, all that changed. But once I discovered that my husband is the most important person in my life, we were on the road to a successful marriage and an everlasting love. And if you are looking to re-marry, perhaps one of these P’s will be the missing P for a long-lasting love. Relax and enjoy "The 5 P’s To Building Up Your Husband":

1. Prayer

The reason I started with prayer first is because it is the foundation by which your marriage will stand. To pray means that you devote regular and consistent time to think and meditate on lifting him up. When you are in prayer quietly talking then listening to your creator, you have an opportunity to receive thoughts and direction to enhance your marriage. Prayer is a time when you can surrender your weaknesses and let your guard down to a power greater than yours. After all, we don’t have all the answers. When I pray for my husband, it gives me a sense of peace about how his day will go. Try this exercise and see if it works. Studies have shown that prayer does work.

2. Patience

I know this is a tough one, but nothing about marriage is easy. In our early days of marriage, I used to immediately unload on my husband when he walked in the door from work. After being with the kids all day, I would be ready to talk about my day. But that approach only made matters worse. A husband needs quiet time when he steps in the door. Your home is a haven of rest from the noisy work world.

3. Preparation

My husband is a stickler for planning and preparing. Since I am spontaneous, this area is the most difficult area to support him. He likes the same things over and over again. The same menu every week, and the same stores all the time. Well, I like variety. Knowing that things have been prepared and planned ahead of time, gives him a sense of comfort. It helps him to be at ease.

4. Privacy

Yes, I said privacy. A man wants to be by himself sometimes just like us ladies. He needs time to unwind and meditate too. When my husband is watching his favorite show on the edge of his seat, I know to be quiet. Allowing him privacy shows respect and love for him. He’ll be the better for it, and it gives you time to relax or do what you want as well.

5. Pleasure

I saved this one for last because it is the icing on the cake. After you’ve prayed for him, been patient with him, prepared for his needs and given him his privacy, he’s ready for pleasure. Pleasure him physically, mentally and spiritually. A man is built up by stimulation of body, mind and soul. Let him know that you understand his troubles and trials. Speak to his mental state, tell him he’s a great thinker with great ideas. Say things that build his spirit, tell him that he is a mighty man, strong and powerful.

When I incorporated these five p’s in my marriage: Prayer, Patience, Preparation, Privacy and Pleasure, it changed our marriage forever. I hope it helps you too.

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