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Tall talk (Part three)

by Anthony Sanders 2 years ago in humanity
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by Anthony Sanders

Tall talk (Part three)
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Welcome back I know this one will be a good one, because we are talking about food. It is the one thing a lot of people can agree is getting expensive. But I would be most people’s personal grocery bill is close to 300$. I’m not even including eating out. See, I must eat three times a day sometimes more. These aren’t small meals, for example, I today ate six eggs, sausage, and three pieces of liver mush. That problem sounds like a nice breakfast to some people, especially if you’re fat. But hers the thing, I need eat that every day. That’s what people don’t think of is the fact that I must. That for most people, is as much food as people eat when they binge or splurge. If I don’t eat that I will suffer from debilitating hunger cramps. They will wake me up at night, no matter how hard I sleep, and keep me from sleeping. My iron will drop, and I will lose all the color in my face. Now I have been blessed to be able to eat like I need to, but it takes a toll on my wallet.

Let me tell you, it gets old fast. First off if I eat out its at least 20$, because I usually have to get two meals. On top of that I don’t always want to. I don’t always want to eat a large pizza, but if I don’t, I’ll feel terrible. Its like I’m challenging my self to eat that plate of food every day. Sure, I smile and tell people it’s alright, but I do that with a lot of things. That pretty much what I always do whether I want to. I sit in a chair at a restaurant, I don’t say nothing, even though most times I could sit in two chairs. Why don’t I get a boot? Unless they are extra big, my knees hit the poll. When I am in pain I go to work. I often only tell my girlfriend and personally I think she is tired of hearing it. But I should get back to the day, I’m done with work and I’m on my way back home. Not much to say about it besides eating again but let’s talk about my girl.

I want to talk about it because dating is odd for me. All dating is odd, but most people aren’t scared of you. People stare and some people flinch. I try not to think about it but its everywhere. If I go to the store people stare people, make large turns to get out of my way. It’s a little better when I’m with someone. I don’t have tattoos or piercings. I don’t even have a beard. But because of how big I am people avoid me. I live in a small town and run into people from school and they tell me how big I got; do you know how back that messes with someone. Some women talk about liking tall men, but nobody likes a freak. I have friends, those who talk to me. They like me and same with my girlfriend, but its hard because so many people don’t want to. I’ve been in work situation where simple raising my voice has made people cry. I think about that before I go to bed a lot of times.

Next time I will continue my day with going to bed. And how sleeping is something else when you are big. Blankets, bed, and space all of that will be talk about next.


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Anthony Sanders

Hello, it nice to be her. I was born to be a writer and poet. i have a published poetry book and I hope you enjoy my work here. One day I hope to be great.

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