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Stop It

This is tough love — unraveled before your very eyes.

By SqueebsPublished 2 months ago Updated 6 days ago 1 min read

What about your man is driving you so crazy that complaints overflow into your conversations?

Why are you treating him like your enemy?

You make the choice every night to lay beside him. You’ve made your bed.

Are you not meant to be his better half?

What do your complaints about him say about you?

What are you allowing against your intuition?

If you’re that unhappy — go. Find the courage deep within your soul. You can leave any situation*. Think it through, sit and plan, call on support, and make that choice.

If your complaints are irreconcilable, leave.

Life is far too short, and time is far too valuable to spend with someone who acts as if they owe you nothing for your investment.

If you find that your complaints are not irreconcilable, then stay. But at what cost?

Your complaints are a projection of what’s within your soul — and only YOU can remedy that.

If this is your husband, YOU chose to say I do. You had every chance to say I don’t, and you technically still have that chance. But is it worth it to go rogue? Or is there something worth salvaging if you reframed things and worked on yourself first?

Go to therapy. Phone a friend. Cry in the fucking pillows until you feel like throwing up. Write about it, then burn the letter. Release it somehow, but that burden is not his to carry — it’s yours.

If this is the father of your children, YOU chose to give yourself to him.

(And if you didn’t, this isn’t for you.)

If you chose to lay with a man who ended up "not being shit," didn’t you see that from the start? At one point, you “wanted that dick.” Look where that got you.

Alone, as a single mother. A child without a father.

Stop the facade — you chose that “not shit” baby daddy because you were on some “hot girl shit,” right?

Ladies, have more self-respect and start either A) choosing men worthy of your love, respect, and honor or B) shutting up and making it work with the man you already chose.


* National Domestic Violence Hotline, 800-799-7233, available 24/7

If you’re in an emergency and need immediate help from the local police department, call 9-1-1.


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