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Soft Landing

by Meg Sarai 3 years ago in humanity
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Don't be the reason someone breaks.

At some point, you will have the power to make or break another human... choose gentleness.

I often find myself seeing lessons and messages in day to day happenings and relate them to our life's journey as human beings. Call it a curse, call it a blessing... I don't know, but when I notice these things, I'm compelled to write, so that is precisely what I'm doing.

Today, I noticed a few of our free range chicken eggs had probably sat on the counter a little too long for me to feel safe eating them, so I walked outside behind our house and proceeded to throw them over our fence and into the woods. I noticed that one egg would bounce, and yet another would explode on impact with the ground. I would throw one hard, toss another, and you were never able to predict which ones would do what. Sometimes, the ones that barely dropped out of my hand would splat immediately, then others may bounce six or seven times before rolling to a safe stop; one I noticed bounced a couple times (appearing to be "safe") and then suddenly exploded as it tapped a rock.

You may be wondering why my weird observations of eggs is worth telling the world about... let me tell you. As I watched each egg plummet to its questionable fate, I finally realized what determined if it broke or remained in tact... THE GROUND. That's right, the ground was what made all the difference for the egg. The ground was soft in one spot, and yet rocky and hard in another spot. For me, when I saw this, I realized that I have been the egg, as well as the ground. Life happens and sometimes we are hurled through the air with no control of where we land. Remember that we will all be the egg at some point in our lives, but we are also going to have many opportunities to be someone else's landing spot. Maybe a stranger having a bad day because of his life's circumstances crosses your path and says rude things... this is your opportunity to be a soft landing for another human, and you could be the gentleness he hasn't experienced in who knows how long. You could be the one to save him from breaking into a million pieces, simply by responding with understanding (being a fellow egg yourself), instead of REACTING out of your own painful past, and perhaps, a few of your own "cracks" from life.

Sometimes, life throws us for a loop and it's not a great feeling; but I assure you that it doesn't matter how far we fall or how hard we're thrown, if we have another human that can respond with gentleness and a soft answer to our distress, we can move forward with little to no injury. However, we also have the power to crush another person if we choose to harden ourselves to their humanity in their time of need. Remember, we sometimes have no control over circumstances in our lives or in the lives of others, but our kindness, understanding, and gentleness in responding to a fellow human being can literally MAKE or BREAK them. Be someone's soft landing... you may be their only hope.


About the author

Meg Sarai

I’m a wife, mom, student, dancer, youth leader and a survivor of anorexia, attemped suicide, and trauma. I am passionate about using my writing to encourage and inspire others to travel through the struggles of today with hope for tomorrow.

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