Society Has Forgotten What a Marriage Means

by Jasmine Litke 2 years ago in marriage

What ever happened to fixing something when it breaks?

Society Has Forgotten What a Marriage Means

Has anyone else noticed the amount of failing marriages and long term relationships? Has anyone also noticed that a lot of them are separating because they have forgotten what it means to work on a relationship?

No relationship is ever going to be absolutely perfect. In a marriage, you vow yourselves to each other for the rest of your lives, for better or worse. Nowadays it seems as though many marriages are ending because absolutely nobody has the motivation to work through the "for worse" portion of their vows. They hit a rough patch, either due to personal or life causes, and neither party is capable of putting in the work to fix it and just decide that leaving and ending the relationship is easier.

What ever happened to fixing things when they start to break? Being able to communicate with your partner and work things out together? Has everyone just decided that life will go their way if they just take the easy way out and walk away from everything that ever upsets them?

Growing up, I got to watch so many of my family members and family friends live through different points in their marriages. There were many ups and many downs, for all of them! But they did not give up, they worked on it all either by doing things together to work on the relationship, or working on themselves as individuals before going to work on the relationship together to better it again.

People are seeming to forget the fact that they got married for good reasons. They have been in a relationship with this person for years for good reasons. It wasn't just for convenience because they were there, there are things about your partner that made you fall in love with them in the first place. Dig deep and work on whatever needs to be worked on. Swallow your pride, take the blame for once. Admit your faults, let them admit theirs without throwing it in their faces. Decide what needs to be done on both parts as individuals, and as a couple, to return back to a good state in your relationship. Work past the speed bumps in relationships. Taking the easy way out and leaving will not get you anywhere. Your mind will be full of what-if's, and you will likely continue to live your life wondering what would have happened if you just grew up and worked on it. You will live your life thinking that running away from a problem is the only way to solve it.

Stop breaking things apart when you put them together for multiple reasons. Remember that you were once head over heels for this person, think back to the reasons why. Start planning things to do together that can bring you back to that state. Take a drive to the place of your first date, and replay it all in your head to remember where it all began.

Work on your lives together, as a team. You are together for a reason, don't throw it all away for minuscule reasoning. You loved each other once, you very likely still do. You just need a push in the right direction to return to the happy state you have been in previously. Don't let outside influences allow your relationship to crumble. It is a team effort, it always will be. No relationship will ever be conflict free. Be happy, work together, communicate with each other, and also make sure you are taking care of yourself on top of it all.

Jasmine Litke
Jasmine Litke
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