So, you like them, but why?

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People usually stare at someone for about five (5) seconds and then determine they have a crush.

So, you like them, but why?

Okay. You’ve been staring at this person in the school’s canteen for who knows how long and you still haven’t gotten up from the table to speak to them whatsoever. What’s the actual problem? Well, for one, they’re sitting with all their friends and you don’t have the courage to go and speak to them. Two? You’ve been caught staring about three times now so you’ve probably just been labeled as a creep. Three? Your crush doesn’t even know who you are, so going up to talk to them would prove what exactly? This is annoying. This feeling of helplessness in a situation that could, maybe, be taken care of in a simple “Hi” is annoying.

Why won’t you go and talk to them already? You know you like them and your friends know you like them, what’s preventing you from getting up and greeting them? Oh. Right. Social anxiety. Plus the fact that you don’t even know why exactly you like this individual. All you know is that they’re attractive, have a nice smile, and people flock to them to flies to honey. You don’t know a single thing about this person and yet, you claim to like them? Does that even make sense? Does that even work? HOW does that work? Yeah. This is annoying.

You can’t help but shake your head at how foolish your feelings are and part of you begins to believe that you’d be better off leaving this entire situation alone. How can anyone claim to like someone when they don’t even know them? Wait. That happens all the time though, right? As all of these thoughts are rushing through your head, your friend came to the table with their food. “You still haven’t gone to speak to them yet?” That question brought you out of your head for the time being. You shook your head. Of course not, how could you? Even so much as getting up to throw away garbage during class makes you uncomfortable.

How could you possibly get up and talk to anyone? Your friend was always the one forming relationships between you and others. It must be nice when you can literally walk up to anyone and just start a conversation without feeling as though you’re embarrassing yourself. You sigh and lean back in your chair, there are about thirty minutes left for lunch. You just decide that you’re not going to say anything. Your friend, however, stands up and takes you by the wrist “You won’t make any kind of progress in life unless you take the first step.”

Huh? What- oh, we’re getting up from the table and quickly making our way over to theirs. Where your crush is sitting at. Your heart begins to race, panic ensues, and anxiety is slowly beginning to set in, but you can’t seem to form a single syllable. You just follow behind your friend that’s pulling you along and soon enough you two reach the other table. Your friend introduces you to everyone at the table and you can only silently wave and hope you get to go back to your own table.

Nope. Now the two of you are sitting and most likely won’t be getting up until the bell rings. You just silently stare at everyone as they’re having their own conversations, and you come to realize that your friend is already friends with these people. “Hey.” You turned your head and sure enough, your crush was staring right at you with the intention of starting a conversation. So, what do you do now? This is a perfect opportunity and if you don’t act accordingly you could miss out on something big! You muster up your courage and speak.

Wow. That was easy. Now the conversation is beginning. You find out what your crush’s hobbies are, their favorite subject, their aspirations in life, and so much more. You smile and do an internal sigh of relief and now have full confirmation of why you like your crush. Before you know it the bell rings and lunch is over, much to your dismay. “You know, you should sit over here more often.” Well, guess you’ll be sitting at their table more often now.

Huh. That wasn’t so bad after all.

The Anonymous Tip
The Anonymous Tip
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