Slow Heartbreak

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Heartbreak Story

Slow Heartbreak

The thing between love, hate, and heartbreak is different but it all depends on if you are in a relationship or if you are just dating and trying to see how fast things will go. Sometimes dating helps you avoid those long heart breaks that may come in the future. I am not saying that you won’t have heart breaks as you date different people. You just won’t have to spend your time on one person when you could have been with someone that would treat you right from the beginning.

Going through a heartbreak is tough and it is hard to deal with. You can suffer a heartbreak from a family member or just from being in a marriage that you are trying to mend back together. You can get your heart torn into a million pieces just by trying to fix a relationship that might not ever get fixed to begin with.

Heartbreaks occur all the time and they are always occurring around us but we are too blind to see that the next person close to us might be feeling sad, mad, or just out of it. If you are married and you can't see that your spouse is going through something or he/she has hinted to you that something is wrong and you still don't listen, then don't be surprised when they walk out that door without a goodbye.

Going through a rough patch can be fixed but when things are said and done, that can be a little disrespectful. Trust and a little help goes a long way. You will have to earn certain things back before you can just go off and do your own thing because you think that everything is going to be okay.

Remember that a heartbreak is one of those elements that we have to piece back together so if you break a loved one’s heart and you think that you are on the easy street, please think again because it will take a miracle to put that person’s heart back together again. I am going to give you a nice example of someone getting their heart broken.

Hailey is a senior in college and she thought that she found Mr. Right but lo and behold she was wrong and her friends around her were right. Mr. Wrong would go around cheating on her and flirting with other women behind her back but she didn’t know what was actually going on until one day she saw it for herself. She went to his dorm room and saw him with another girl in his bed. When he tried to explain what was going on, Hailey had already grabbed all of her belongings and jumped shipped.

Yes, I know that this is a short story but this is basically telling you how easy it is to break someone else's heart without a care in the world. Mr. Wrong got what was coming to him a few weeks later when he tried to ask another girl out on a date and she refused because she heard about his last incident with his ex-girlfriend Hailey. Karma is a huge comeback but it only works when you sit back and let it, not when you take matters into your own hands.

One thing that you have to remember when it comes to having your heart broken is to please make sure that you go through and just let time handle the rest so that you can focus on getting someone better because taking issues into your own hands is not a great idea. Love can bring you heartbreak but it can also bring you the happiness that you want.

Lakeyia L
Lakeyia L
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