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Silence Is Another Kind Of Honesty

Silence is another kind of honesty

By Elora HaysPublished about a year ago 7 min read

Entrepreneurial fire, light up the night

Waist-high weeds, a simple shed of five square meters, flashlight light looming. The 39-degree heat in the shed let Yu Guixia gasp for breath, the sound of jingling, and villagers digging, every sound, hit her heart.

This is a piece of land allocated by the government to Yu Guixia to start a business, but some villagers are not convinced, every day make trouble. In the evening, he would take a group of people, knock down the wall built, pull out the standard line of construction, and then dig up the foot of the wall that has been buried. Their unreasonable let Yu Guixia be helpless, can hide in the shed, and her husband hand to sit, listening to the voice, distressed to live in the daytime and in vain.

It was July 2008, at the beginning of the construction of Yu Guixia's eco-pig farm.

In 50 acres of wasteland, there was no water, no electricity, and no road. She and her husband weeded, opened the road, and brought building materials in. Seeing the wall up, the pigsty had its prototype and then was destroyed by some stubborn villagers... Late at night lying in the makeshift bed in the shed, the ear is the buzzing sound of mosquitoes, the couple looking forward to, encouraging each other, the imagination and hope for the future, like a cluster of small flames, lit up the night.

At the time, Yu Guixia's wish was simply to "sell the pork smoothly". Unexpectedly, three years later, the company has not only walked on the road of industrialization but also led the villagers on the road to prosperity.

Overnight does not sell, would rather silence

Jiangsu Yanfu Zhongxin Ecological Breeding Co., Ltd. is the first enterprise in Funing County to adopt an ecological fermentation bed to breed ecological pigs. To master the breeding technology of this kind of ecological pig, Yu Guixia and her husband bought a lot of books and searched the Internet for information, and consulted the predecessors of the breeding industry. Working more than 15 hours a day, she lived and ate in a small room of less than 10 square meters next to the farm. "Harder than the gaokao sprint." "Ms. Yu recalled. She and her husband often read with a rice bowl in one hand and a book in the other. When they could not solve some problems, they often went to Yangzhou University to consult professors face to face.

It was an indefatigable time when the couple woke up like a wind-up string and the first thing they did was run to the farm to see if the piglets were healthy. At night, studying under the lamp. "Indigenous bacteria", "fermentation bed", "mycelial protein" and other dry, dreary technical terms almost knocked their confidence down. The couple traveled back and forth between Yangzhou University and Yilin every week with a lot of questions. The professor at Yangzhou University's College of Animal Science and Technology was so impressed by their eagerness to learn and their friendliness that he agreed to provide technical support to the company. This gave Yu Guixia great confidence.

The first batch of pigs out of the cage, Yu Guixia watched more than 2,000 pigs beaming. But after going to the market, Yu Guixia was stunned again.


If those difficulties at the beginning of the business are both physical and psychological suffering, then now, is to cut the "meat" of Yu Guixia. White pork, because the day can not sell out, can only be sold to the market knife hand at a low price. Yu Guixia looked at the knife hand humming a song to pull away the meat, heart knife cut like pain. The employee said, "Mr. Yu, we can put the meat that we can't sell out that day in the refrigerator and sell it tomorrow." "We can't sell stale meat. We can't destroy our brand."

Although the words say so, can every day looking at the bills beyond the means, always strong Yu Guixia will secretly shed tears, she is also struggling, "Do you want to listen to the staff? We can't just smash our brand, okay? But are we qualified to rise to the level of 'brand' now?" Finally, the honest Yu Guixia still chose to insist.

Every morning, Ms. Yu and her husband took steaming pork to their first eco-pork store in Funding and returned to Yilin in the evening. During this period, the couple is often silent, not knowing where the future will lead.

Boiled meat in white water, based on integrity

When Yu and her husband were at a loss, the Funding County government gave her some advice and organized an ecological pork tasting conference for 10,000 people. Boiled meat in white water, without any seasoning, so that the citizens can taste the aroma of ecological pork. This activity allowed Yu to successfully take the first step of promotion. After opening the market in Funding, she built on the success and set up 19 ecological pork stores in Yancheng, Nanjing, and other cities. When each new store opened, she organized meat boiled in white water and let citizens taste the meat on the spot, and the citizens praised: "You can eat the pork taste of 30 years ago."

In June 2011, three years after the establishment of the company, due to the development needs, Yu Guixia expanded the second and third-phase engineering projects and built a new low-temperature mechanized slaughtering workshop and a sterile meat segmentation and packaging workshop. The slaughtering workshop adopts the most advanced carbon dioxide asphyxiation method in the world so that the pigs can die peacefully and without any pain, eliminating the toxins produced when the traditional slaughtering method causes intense fear and another stress phenomenon for pigs. Yu Guixia also actively innovated in product development, and successfully developed and launched a series of products such as ecological pork gift box, ecological salted pork, ecological salted pig head, gift certificate, and VIP card, which opened a precedent in the pork industry.

Once standing in the grass everywhere, now in the vibrant factory, Yu Guixia filled with emotion. What I dreamed of with my husband three years ago in a simple shed has finally come true. That high and low workshop did not block Yu Guixia overlook the eyes. She has a bigger goal: "Gradually expand the scale of the industry, radiation to promote the development of more local small and medium-sized farmers, so that 'original, drug-free, good taste, delicious' ecological pork into as many people as possible."

In Funding County, Yu Guixia is known as "Big Sister Yu", not only because her company is famous, but also because of her kindness. As early as Yu Guixia and her husband operated the Yilin Zhongxin hypermarket, her good reputation in Funing County people all know.

More than ten years ago, wholesale was very popular, and some merchants would often deal in fake cigarettes and fakes for profit, and get large profits in a short time. Yu Guixia bucked the trend, invested 13,000 yuan, and made 500,000 copies of the "Utour Hypermarket" logo of the laser anti-counterfeit label, in the local first creative, all labeled Utour hypermarket goods. She solemnly promised customers, that all the goods sold and any quality problems will be responsible for the store. A few years later, while the wholesale departments selling fake goods closed down or switched industries, Utour's hypermarkets did a brisk business and its brand became more and more important to customers. At the same time, Yu Guixia and her husband insist on helping needy groups. They often provide goods for needy groups with zero profit and deliver goods to their homes for free for some lonely old people, which has won high social evaluation.

Now, with the expansion of the company, Yu Guixia pays more attention to the management of the "love business", and has donated more than 1 million yuan to help needy people. In response to people's praise, Yu Guixia said, "When a person can shoulder social responsibility, he or she should bear it bravely, so that life will be better."


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