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Signs He's Too Close & 22 Boundaries For Your Boyfriend's Female Friend

Your partner is a little bit too close with his female companion. Here are the guidelines your boyfriend's female buddy should adhere to.

By berry liPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

Everything is great and romantic when you first start dating, but eventually little things start to irritate you. like the extremely close female friend of your boyfriend. But in order to maintain harmony, your boyfriend's female buddy needs to respect some limits.

Have you ever encountered this scenario before? Dealing with it can be quite irritating and perplexing. You might believe that the woman in question is acting against you, shutting you out, or even worse, quietly making a move on your guy behind your back if she is very clingy with her buddy.

The likelihood is that she simply feels a little threatened because she used to have her friend all to herself. Now, you’ve come along and he’s not spending as much time with her anymore. You can understand it, but at the same time, she should certainly understand you too.

So, you are probably wondering, “Is my boyfriend too close to his female friend?” and “Is it okay to be jealous of your boyfriend’s female friend?” Well, those are some good questions that we are going to examine.

The cues your partner is getting too close to his female buddy

There are times when you need to worry and times when you don't. Here are some indicators that you should be concerned about your boyfriend's female friend to help you distinguish between the two.

Let's start with the warning indications that your boyfriend's female companion is a cause for concern.

1.She despises you.

You should be quite concerned if you believe that your boyfriend's female buddy despises you. If you had a close male buddy and the circumstances were reversed, wouldn't he feel the same way?

The fact that she doesn’t like you says that she might be secretly in love with him and wants her to herself. And you’re standing in her way.

2. She tries to exclude you

It might feel like she is always trying to get him alone. So, she always suggests hanging out – but without you. When you try to invite yourself, both of them seem uncomfortable with the idea.

If there wasn’t anything to worry about, they would welcome you with open arms any time they do anything fun together.

3. She flirts with him

We all know flirting when we see it. There’s a difference between being friendly and flirty. Watch her body language when she’s with him.

How much does she touch him? Does she look deeply into his eyes? Are her hugs just a little too long and lingering? All of this screams that she thinks of him as

4. You’ve seen it before

Maybe this isn’t the first time one of your boyfriends had a close female friend. And because of past experiences, your instincts are on high alert.

So, if you’re having flashbacks and seeing familiar behavior that tells you that something is up between the two of them, then listen to that feeling.

5. He doesn’t like that she’s dating

If he tends to talk a little too much about the guy – or guys – she dates in a negative way, then that’s a red flag. Why would he care so much?

Sure, he might be worried about her in a brotherly kind of way, but he could also be jealous. Make sure you find out which one it is.

6. Their behavior makes you feel ashamed.

You can feel ashamed of their interactions if you, your boyfriend, and his female companion are around other friends and family.

Their interaction makes you uneasy, and you can see that they are starting to feel the same way.

7. He confides in her a little too much

If something great happens to him, like getting a new job, he calls her right away. Not only that, but he tells her things that go on between the two of you as well.

It seems like he should be telling you all of these things first, but if he goes to her, then you have a problem.

8. Too much posting on social media

If one or both of them post about each other on social media, that is pretty inappropriate. Especially if they are posting photos of them that would make other people think that they are boyfriend-girlfriend, not just friends.

It’s never okay to go public in a way that makes people wonder who his real girlfriend is. [Read: The happy couple’s guide to social media etiquette]

9. You already have trust issues

Perhaps your boyfriend isn’t the most trustworthy guy in the world. He could have cheated on you before, or maybe you just have caught him in a lot of lies in general. If you already feel like you can’t trust him, then you can’t.

10. He is constantly on his phone.

He can't stop looking at his phone, even when you're around him. And when he's speaking to "someone," which is generally her, he also appears to be grinning and laughing a lot. He need to be concentrating on you, not on her.

The boundaries your boyfriend’s female friend should follow may sound harsh. But, in practice, they actually happen quite naturally.


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