She's in the Family, Why!?

When Things Went From Bad to Worse!

She's in the Family, Why!?

Being in a relationship is awesome but sometimes there are going to be challenges that force us to make a decision or act a certain way.

I have gone through an experience that tested my relationship that almost ended it. Something that shouldn't have even been anything, blew up out of portion. This was because everyone was talking and no one was listening.

My boyfriend suffers from heart problems and high blood pressure. At times he seems out of it and needs to rest. We had just returned home from the movies. He wasn't feeling that great. He ate something and went outside to play with the guys since we had everyone over. Everything seemed to go fine until my boyfriends brother-in-laws family came over. I had met them before, but a new member showed up this time, his sister.

I was introduced to her and everything seemed fine, she talked to me and I thought we were getting along. We talked about school, work, and she talked about the relationship she was in and asked me questions about my relationship. My boyfriend came inside and went straight to his room. I thought he was fine. He ended up coming back and sat on the couch with his mom and the rest of the family. I stayed in the with that girl. She seemed to get upset over something and walked outside. Out of no where her attitude changed in a snap of a finger. She made a comment and my boyfriends mother asked me what she said. At this point, I didn't know what was going on. His mother told me I had to go home. So, I packed my stuff and left.

I drove back home that night crying, not knowing what in the world happened. What did I do wrong? I kept texting my boyfriend, but he wasn't replying. A few days passed and nothing. I ended up in the hospital because of my stomach. I got a message from his brother-in-law telling me I didn't care about him because if I did, then I would know my boyfriend was in the hospital. I replied saying, how could I know he was in the hospital if I was in the hospital myself and no one was answering my phone calls or my messages. He compared me to my boyfriends exes. He said that night his sister was there she told him that I was talking about exes to her, that I told her I would go around with guys, that I was talking about my sex life and that I laughed about my boyfriend feeling ill.


In my head I thought I never talked about those thing about myself, she did. She talked about her sex life, her exes, her boyfriend. I would never talk about private things like that to anyone. Why would she say those things about me? I thought we got along. Why was she telling lies about me?

My boyfriend was in the hospital for three days because he suffered from a heat stroke. In this time he didn't know any of this was going on. The messages between me and his brother-in-law through his phone were deleted. Things went silent. I accepted the fact that if things were to end over something like lies that came from someone that I barely even knew, if she was able to break my relationship, then the relationship wasn't meant to be then. I wasn't being heard. I wasn't given the chance to tell my side of the story.

I got a message from my boyfriends mom. She told me he loved me and the things that happened between us was not our faults. Other people were talking for us and she wanted us to talk. She asked if he could call me. He wanted to know my side of the story, but he was feeling really sick since he was released from the hospital. He heard what was being said about me and automatically knew they were lies.

We talked about things and they were cleared up. He listened to everything I had to say and believed me. It was trust. He trusted me and believed me, believed what we had was bigger than some self absorbed girl that had a crush on him. She was jealous and thought she could separate us and she almost did.

True love is when you trust someone wholeheartedly. Being jealous is normal. But if a relationship doesn't have trust, then it doesn't have anything. Communication is the BIG thing. Talking things out not yelling, not arguing, not being sarcastic, simply talking and listening. You want a relationship? Accept that there is always going to be challenges that you both have to over come together. Don't close off, don't be selfish. Don't complain. If they are trying their best and they love you, what more can you ask for.

How does it work?
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