Shattered Secrets (Ch. 1)

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Shattered Secrets (Ch. 1)

Kieran was still dating people he did not like.

Of course, he did not tell the people he had just finished up the date with that he did not like them. It was common courtesy to politely decline the next time when asked than tell them straight out that the kiss they had given Kieran had slightly repulsed him.

It was not as if he went on dates a lot—maybe a few times, but each one ended with the same result: He declined a second date.

When asked if he would like to go on a second date he would always say "We had fun, but I see you more as a friend."

The girl that he had been on the date with was called Holly—she was a girl that stayed to books rather than looks, but tonight she had put out all the stops and Kieran had not. The reason for that, however, was somewhat under lock and key. He knew the outcome of the date and was only dating girls around his school to keep up face, which was the only reason why they were in the car at the moment.

"Do you want to go inside?" Holly asked—almost as if she was suggesting something. This sentence was where usually, Kieran would get too flustered and say yes. It would often end in him not doing anything and sitting inside the house feeling awkward and leaving with the worst stress headache possible.

The truth was he had only gone on this date to please his best friend – Peter, who Kieran had been keeping a rather large secret from for the past year and a half. Kieran would instead have gone on a date with a guy than the girl that was sat in his car who was wanting more than just a goodnight kiss.

Dropping Holly off at her house with less than a handshake could probably be an incline to her that she was not the person for him. But as he quickly got into his car to avoid any questions from the girl—he drove off in lighting quick time as if he had never been there at all.

He had been messaging someone that just seemed slightly different from the other people in his school. Kieran only knew him by a pen pal—that was how they met initially. The strange thing was—the person on the end of the screen knew who Kieran was, but Kieran did not know who was messaging back.

It was slightly creepy if he thought about it correctly. But they had been talking for the better part of five months, he could have been anybody in his school and his school days were dwindling by, something inside of him wanted to find out who the boy was on the other end of the phone.

Kieran whipped out his phone and began to text—he had stopped at the end of the road just enough away for Holly not to see him.

I need a hug. Kieran typed out. He had never been so needy before, but this date, in particular, had tested his limits and now he wanted to meet someone he connected with—and the person on the other end of the phone, although Kieran did not know who it was—Kieran knew he had truly connected with this person.

"I know I said I wouldn't meet you... but so do I." Kieran received a message almost instantly.

That was right; the person said that he would never meet up due to being in the closet. Kieran was too, but this person—whoever they were, they were so far in there.

I'll meet you at Veronic Park. Again, Kieran received a message before he could type one out himself.

It was dark and somewhat risky, but something inside Kieran flipped, and he began to drive towards the park where he would meet the person on the other side of the phone. He just hoped that it would not be some elaborate prank and he would be waiting for hours. Thankfully, Veronic Park was close to his house—so if he was waiting for a while, the drive towards home was only three minutes away.

Veronic Park was empty through and through. Eleven o'clock in the evening on a Sunday night—you would think there was late night joggers or people of the night hanging around, but the park was empty, almost silent.

Again, Kieran removed his phone from his pocket and typed out a quick message. This meeting was risky, what if—really all this time, he had not been speaking to someone from school?

"I'm here. I'm on the swings."

The swings were his happy place. He would always swing as high as he possibly could when he was younger and then jump off at the last minute, only to land on the soft tarmac and do it all again, leaving the park with bruises and cuts all over his legs. It was a typical day for Kieran when he was younger.

That was when a car pulled up in the car park that was empty except for Kieran's car. The headlights still blearing out. A person stepped out, but Kieran could not see their face—they were wearing what Kieran would describe as a disaster of black and greys. His clothes had no colour on them, almost as if he was secretive.

Kieran received a text in his pocket but did not pick it up. He did not need to—because under the illumination of a street lamp close by to his car he could see who the person was.

It was no other than Jason Wray.

Alaric Winters
Alaric Winters
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