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Seeking Truth

by Eric Durland 3 years ago in humanity

Overcoming Our Societal Vices

Mount Laguna, CA

(VLOG at bottom for those who prefer to watch and listen rather than read.)

One massive problem with our society is, those of us most lost to this Game of Triumph we live—to our societies popularity contest, seeking to be "cool" and "popular," and thus, ultimately, seeking any of a number of facets of superiority over our peers—don't even understand how intolerant, prejudicial, egotistical, narcissistic, selfish, self-centered, duplicitous and meretricious they in-fact are. They don't even understand how lost they in-fact are to the constructs of conformity and unanimity within this game we live. In-fact, they fervently deflect and deny this reality insofar as their entirely negative social habits are just normal to them—to the full extent that they don't even understand they are doing wrong. The worst of these individuals so easily controlling those they influence. Clandestinely bullying and trolling their peers in order to flaunt and maintain their social dominance, placing those of us they influence into a coma with regards to the negative nature of our thoughts and actions as they pressure us to unconsciously conform to this fight for Triumph the status quo embodies. They reinforce our negative behaviors—our duplicity and superficiality towards others—with positive reinforcement. As the acceptance we come to receive makes us further embody these negative social traits, we then hide within in-group settings—closed social networks in which in order to be allowed to see the truth of the tainted intolerance, judgment and prejudice that group members actively embody, one has to be an in-grouper. Ergo, once we are an in-grouper, we clandestinely conceal our privately shared thoughts and feelings from out-groupers,creating the facade—the lie we live—through deflecting and denying the ignorance we've come to embody in the form of duplicity, prejudice and judgment that is carefully concealed within these in-group settings.

It's how the Darkness—and thus, the worst among us—controls us: by nuzzling us gently into that coma and desensitizing us to the ignorant, unethical and immoral behavior we come to embody, one baby step at a time. Until we reach the point that we'd rather deflect and deny the truth of all we hide from the world outside of these in-group settings in order to protect the lie we live. We conform to these tainted social norms out of selfish seeking's of self-preservation and then, to maintain our sanity, pretend that we haven't Fallen to the Darkness through conforming to unanimity of the given hierarchy's deeply tainted social norms... And this is the problem.

We try to convince ourselves—we want to believe—that there is an inherent goodness in everyone—even within those individuals that we know somewhere deep within our core are quite clearly sadistically twisted egomaniacal souls. But, despite what we want to believe, the truth is, some people are truly simply that far gone. Perhaps, they can still be brought back to the Light... But, the point remains, as the score presently stands, their actions and clandestine intentions are presently deeply skewed—corrupted by the tainted, superficial, duplicitous and generally overly negative hierarchies that breed them. Whilst they actively deflect and deny this truth with proficient surface facades as these adept deceivers artfully lie to both themselves and their peers about who they truly are as a person... And us not accepting this truth is the present root of our Fall as a society.

Let me tell you a quick story. There is this girl I know who's about three years older than I am that I grew up with. You see, this girl was always the most popular girl in school, the center of attention—the most attractive, most sought after to be friends with, etc.—and this popularity had, of course, carried through into adulthood.

Well, one night a couple years back, my brother was in town and we had a small party at our house in which I had invited a couple friends to join as well. Well, the point of this story is to give you an understanding of how these people who get their egos inflated (particularly from young ages) think and act; how lost they become to this popularity contest we live; how entitled to superiority they come to feel; and how they're tainted actions via there inflated egos influence others who seek to be "cool" and "popular" like them.

During the evening, a friend of my friend's had been trying to interact with a group of my brothers friends—including this girl—who'd been catching up. He'd been being nice, just trying to join the conversation, when this girl snapped at him. "Who even are you... Why are you even here," she said snidely.

You see, simply because this guy had no social worth with this particular group of people—he hadn't earned his position in the hierarchy by proving his loyalty and social worth—he was as good as roadkill to them.

I immediately interjected, "Hey... He's here with me," I said.

The girl snarled.

Do you see? This is a prime example of how uncool these "cool" and "popular" people often are. These people that, for some ungodly reason, we all seek to be...

To be blunt, anyone who treats anyone like this has no place in social authority. Because, at the end of the day, consciously or unconsciously, all this girl was doing was trying to selfishly protect her throne of social dominance and superiority, staking her claims by making it known that she was the dictator of who deserves to thrive and who deserves to wither. And this is all anyone is doing who seeks to thrive within, and thus, is actively playing this Game of Triumph we live. They've accepted that we live in a duplicitous, meretricious, selfish and self-centered world packed full of entitlement only for the most fortunate, so they unconsciously, clandestinely embody that duplicitous, meretricious, selfish and self-centered nature—they embody that entitlement—and then they act like hyenas in order to Triumph, duplicitously trolling, nitpicking and nagging others in various ways as a means of degrading their social worth whilst boosting themselves up onto their pedestals. All of which most often being done behind closed doors. Though, on occasion, such individuals prejudicial minds present themselves like it did in my story above. But, regardless, the signs are always there, if only we are paying attention.

This is how social hierarchy works in this popularity contest we live in, in which those with the most inflated egos, quite sadly, are presently the overlords whilst they often don't even understand how negative—prejudicial, intolerant, narcissistic, petty, superficial, duplicitous, self-centered and selfish—they in-fact are. Blinded by their popularity and their own facades, they are inflated by the people they surround themselves with, who further feed their egos rather than illuminate their vices to help them grow in a positive direction. Whilst this trickle-down social-nomics, this insider versus outsider mentality where insiders are accepted and outsiders are shunned—this rudeness to this stranger who was just trying to fit in and be accepted by this new group of people—is what causes that stranger to inevitably join up with his own in-group, conform to unanimity of the given hierarchy's social precedents—regardless of how rude, prejudicial, intolerant, judgmental, superficial and duplicitous they may be—and then treat other out-groupers in the same way that they'd been treated in, unconsciously seeking retribution for the pains of their past, coincided earning ranking within the given hierarchy that then shields them from receiving similar ignorant judgments in the future. Ergo, becoming yet another child lost in the Dark as they willingly let the Darkness swallow them, one baby step at a time.

The Game of Triumph is literally—and quite sadly—all a game of Survivor.

As a kid watching Survivor with my family, I always understood this. Yet, it baffled me that many people who watch this show don't put two and two together; don't realize that how these people act towards each other on this show is exactly how people act towards each other in real life—though without the camera one-on-ones revealing the duplicity. Or worse, they do recognize it and they simply embody it as a means of seeking social superiority whilst feeding their ego and narcissism the more they come to Triumph.

We must lift our veil of willful naiveté. We must start shining the spotlight inwards to illuminate all those skeletons in our closets. We must actively seek to be conscious of all that society has instilled into us rooted in separation and competition: our deflected and denied prejudice, intolerance, duplicity, superficiality and our egotistical, self-centered and selfish ways as we strive for social dominance, and thus, Triumph. We must actively seek to negate our unconscious feelings and seeking's of superiority over our peers; our feelings and seeking's of retribution for the ignorant ways we've been treated in our past by the worst among us hiding in plain sight. And, until we do, this Darkness will continue to control us, and we will continue to Fall as a society.


Eric Durland

My only goal is to say all the things you don't want to hear, to make you think about the things you don't want to think about.

All I offer you is the truth.

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