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See people is not good is too small, too much pain is not enough wisdom

by heisnxc 4 months ago in humanity
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"Don't like" is too little artistic conception

In this world, there are people and things you don't like. Zhuang Zi said, "Things are what they are, and things are what they are. Nothing else, nothing else."

Everything has its existence value and existence basis, there is nothing can not exist, there is nothing without value. Therefore, the good, evil, beauty and ugliness in the world can be interlinked and exist as one from the point of view of Tao.

A person living in the world, different angles, different positions, the realm of life is also different. Don't be at will to others' behavior, speech dislike.

Zhuangzi said, "Do not blame, and with the secular." Zhuangzi tells us that we should follow our heart and not be burdened by the world. The more things, people and things that you don't like, the lower your level will be and the smaller your pattern will be.

From a secular point of view, "dislike" is not only a small state, low emotional intelligence performance, but also for their own enemies, incur resentment. In this respect, Zeng Guofan has done very well.

Zeng Guofan promoted to two officials, can take eight people to carry the green sedan, but he has always been frugal low-key, decided to still take four people to carry the blue sedan. According TO THE SYSTEM, THE BLUE SEDAN CHAIR MUST GIVE WAY TO THE GREEN SEDAN CHAIR, OTHERWISE, THE GREEN SEDAN CHAIR CARRYING people can seize THE BLUE SEDAN CHAIR A violent beating.

On that occasion, Zeng Guofan went out in a blue sedan chair. The sedan chair came to a narrow road, followed by a green sedan chair. In this case, the blue sedan can not give way. But Zeng Guofan or ordered people to pull over, even so, the green sedan still can not pass.

The green sedan saw the people running over, not from point of view, lifted the blue sedan curtain, a pull out Zeng Guofan, slap is two slap.

What was funny was that the official riding the green sedan was only a third-grade official, and Zeng Guofan was one grade older than him. The official was so frightened that he knelt down to apologize.

Everyone was waiting for Zeng to slap each other in the face. Unexpectedly, Zeng Guofan helped the other party and said sincerely, "It is indeed my sedan chair that has blocked the way of the adult. The adult should hurry up and get on the sedan chair. Inexplicably get beat, unexpectedly no matter the person, but also repeatedly told the bearers, who saw the green sedan chair, no matter whether the other officer is bigger than their own, must give way.

Zeng Guofan said: "There are three fights: do not fight with the gentleman, do not fight with the villain, do not fight with heaven and earth." Don't care, will not pull themselves into the whirlpool of the struggle, not to be tired by deceit and deceit; Don't care, will not set up too many enemies, will not always be framed; If you don't care, you can save a lot of time and have energy to do what you want to do.

Because everything is not about, so everything can see, see the smooth. Zeng Guofan was bent on doing practical things and set a miracle of officialdom in which he rose ten levels in nine years.

Too much pain is not enough wisdom

Lao-tzu believed that pain stems from the indulgence of desire. "It is more evil than discontentment that blame is greater than desire." Pain and annoyance come from unreasonable desires. The desire is too strong, the more covetous the heart, the heavier the fetters, the more pain and trouble.

The great wisdom of Chuang Tzu was that he was able to eliminate the most hidden desires of the human heart. When people were trying to push up their inner desires, Zhuangzi calmly put down the burden of one desire after another and began to go down, leaving fame, wealth, power and power behind. He went lighter and lighter and returned his life to zero again.

Central Warehouse Gyatso once said: the world, in addition to life and death which pile is not meddling. Zhuangzi, even the matter of life and death also looked down. When Zhuangzi's wife died, he did not cry or cry, but "sang on the basin", because in Zhuangzi's eyes, life and death are false, we are all in the road.

When Zhuangzi was about to die, his disciples wanted to bury him generously. Zhuangzi thought, "I take heaven and earth as the coffin frame, the sun and moon as the wall, the stars as the pearls, and all things as gifts. The disciple was afraid that Zhuangzi's body would be destroyed by birds and beasts after his death, but Zhuangzi said, "On the top is food for birds and kites, on the bottom is food for ants. How biased is it to take away that and this?"

Life does not bring, death does not take away, not to mention time for decades has been the best gift given to us, why ask for more?

Don't want too much, don't ask too high, don't be too heavy heart.

Zhuangzi said in "Zhi Yue", "Is there any Zhi Yue in the world?" Is there bliss in the world? What will people do and rely on if they have supreme joy? To avoid what? To remember what? What do you like? What do you hate?

In this society, he said, "the most respected people in the world are rich, expensive, longevity and good; Music, body safety, thick taste, American clothing, lecherous, sound sound also; Under the poor and mean, Yao evil also; The bitter, the body is not at ease, the mouth is not thick taste, the shape is not beautiful clothing, if not, then the great worry to fear, its shape is also foolish!"

Wealth, wealth, longevity and kindness are not necessary for happiness. On the contrary, Zhuangzi believed that those who were rich and prosperous were not only unhappy, but also very distressed and sad.

Zhuangzi said, "There is no joy in the greatest joy, and no reputation in the greatest fame." The ultimate happiness is in the heart, there is no expression. True happiness is in harmony with nature and in touch with heaven and earth. True honor is the honor without praise or fame. This happiness, not material or status and other factors to determine, but depends on a person's wisdom and realm.


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