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Salary negotiation with the boss

Salary negotiation with the boss

By Winfred ParkerPublished 7 months ago 3 min read

I have been working in a car sales company for five years, but my salary has never been raised. When I first came here, my monthly salary was 2000 yuan, and it is still the same.

My income remained "stable" even as prices became more and more outrageous. No, I want to talk to my boss, or I'll just jump ship!

After work, I went to my boss's office in a huff. He was writing, looked up at me, and said, "Sit down! You don't look very well, Xiao Zhang."

I indIGNANT WAY: "OF course NOT GOOD, pork price rises AGAIN, DO you know?"

He stopped his work and said, "Do you want to raise pigs?"

He guessed my intention to change jobs, and he was cunning.

I sat across from him and said, "I can't take my farmer brother's job, but if my income is too low to eat pork, then I have to consider another job."

He sipped his tea and said, "You seem to be underpaid."

"Boss, I have 5 years of working experience, why do I make only half of Ahhong's salary?"

"Although you have five years of experience," he said patiently, "in those five years, you have only one experience, which is to say 'welcome' when the customer comes, and 'Welcome again' when the customer leaves."

"What can I say? I said, 'You don't come back,' okay? That's what I was taught in my college marketing class."

"Ahhong and you went to school together. Have you noticed how he sells? He's more flexible than you are, and he's always smiling when customers come in."

"Well, I smile with eight teeth, too. Look at my cheeks. I've got wrinkles after five years of work."

"But he smiles more brightly than you. When he smiles, he shows more than eight teeth."

"He has a big mouth. I can't compete with him."

"When customers came, he would smile and say: 'This customer has a good appearance, full of heaven, square floor, a table of wealth. '"

I disdain to say: "He will kiss ass when we went to college, he saw everyone in these two sentences, like a river's lake fortune-teller liar."

"But you've never said anything like a compliment."


"But customers love it. For example, he always gave every customer who came to see a car a model key locket with his sales number printed on it. Do you know where he got it?"

"Must be small commodity market wholesale come, 1 yuan money 3 that KIND."

"No, he ordered it from the manufacturer at his own expense. He's such a good Samaritan."

"It's nothing. It's just a trick."

"But you didn't. Also, if a lady came to look at the car, he would say with a beaming face, 'Oh, miss, you are so pretty, I guess you must be a Sagittarius. 'And the young lady would laugh..."

"Well, when he was in college, he was a 'horny' guy. He was very good with girls."

"Hear me out. The ladies will then say, 'You guessed wrong, I'm an Aries. 'Ahon continued:' Aries women are warm, generous, and very friendly. Miss, if you would like to tell me when your birthday is, then you will receive a very mysterious gift from our company. 'Women love mysteries, so they tell him their birthday and phone number, and he has a potential client. You know, he paid for that gift himself. But if one of the girls bought his car, he would have made his money back and had more than enough."

"I have to admit, he is a bit sly."

The boss continued, "He has a lot of tricks like this. You see him at work, always wearing a red clown hat, quite funny. Little do they know that his image can shorten the distance with customers, we will feel that he is very affinity. And how about you? Only eight teeth, very simple method, five years ago, five years later has not changed."

I was speechless.

"Ahhong is always number one in sales in our company, so of course, his salary will be twice as high as yours. As a result, I often worry about his job-hopping for lack of money, but I have never had such a worry about you. How do you think your salary can go up? I wish you were one of those salespeople who make me worry about job-hopping."

Ashamed, I stood up and said, "Goodbye boss. Let me go home and think about it first."


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