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Respect Your Spouse

by Taryn Thomas 2 years ago in advice
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Respect in a relationship is crucial.

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In your life, you should always work to make sure that the people who are close to you are respected, and you treat them the way you would want to be treated. This, in my opinion, is especially true when it comes to your spouse, significant other, partner, etc. (For this I’m going to use the term spouse, though it is meant for all levels of relationships.) Respecting your spouse is a requirement, YES IT IS A REQUIREMENT, of being in a relationship, and if you can’t maintain that standard, you have no business being in one. Respecting your spouse is not just about your actions, and words. But it is also about the actions of those around you, the people you call, your so called “friends”. In this post, we are going to talk about what respecting your spouse looks like.

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Remember this little quote? Sticks and stones will break my bones. But names will never hurt me. Turns out not many people really ever understood or currently understand the true depth of that very small but significant quote.

As it stands some of you have a bad habit of using negative nasty language that flows so freely out of your spit box. And more often than not, it gets directed right at or about your spouse. The fact is that at some point, we all find ourselves unhappy with a spouse. This is completely understandable, life happens, we are not all perfect. However, it does not give us the right to speak negatively to our spouse or about our spouse. People hear what you say, and see the way you speak and treat your spouse in general and they will let that skew their opinion of that person. It is one thing to talk through an issue with a close friend preferably the same sex as yourself. But it is another thing to spend time in a hotel room alone with the opposite sex bashing your spouse. When you do this, you show people that disrespecting your spouse is okay.

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When you get in a relationship, it is normal for there to be some awkwardness when your social circle meets your spouse, but that doesn’t last long normally. Sometimes your spouse might not be the best fit for your social circle, and that’s okay, because your relationship is with your spouse not the people in your social circle. As long as everyone stays respectful. If you have a friend who simply does not like your spouse, and nonchalantly throws non sense shade on spouse, you better make sure that they stop that shit immediately and they start respect your spouse. You’re responsible for the tone that is set. This doesn’t just mean that your “friend” is polite to their face. It means that they should never badmouth your spouse behind their backs, to their face, no way, any way should your “friends”. Because the moment you let it go they know you will allow it, and that just makes you looks like a classless person. You should be on your spouses side every time. No questions asked at all.

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When you respect your spouse, it is visible, so visible even the blind see it. People can see it, and more importantly, they will adjust their behavior because of it. Continue dis respecting your spouse and eventually they will start treating you the same way. Showing your spouse respect across the board will command that same respect from others, and as a spouse, that comes with the territory. Show people the right respectful language to use about your spouse and never be the one who lets them think that disrespecting your spouse is okay. When you treat your spouse with respect, kindness others will follow suit.

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Respect is one of the fundamental bricks of any good relationship, and it is up to you to make sure it is shown. Take the time to check yourself. Check yourself for bad language. Make sure you aren’t rude to or about your spouse. Make sure the people in your life know that disrespecting your spouse won’t be tolerated. Have the uncomfortable talks when someone disrespects your spouse , and if their behavior doesn’t change, kick them to the curb. If you don’t show your spouse the utmost respect, you don’t deserve your spouse . Act accordingly.


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