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What would you do if you were her?

By Fjona AziriPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

The sun rays were hardly finding their way to get through the dark hard curtains of the hotel room, but as they say, sun will always find its way, it still managed somehow to get through the “holes” between the two curtains, making the light land directly on my face.

It should be late morning since the light was that bright. Anyway, it was enough to wake me up.

Ryan was still sleeping when I decided to take a shower and get ready for a brand-new day of our vacation, or more like a tour around some different destinations.

The cold shower worked its wonders, sleep was now just a word in my vocabulary. Ryan was already up when I got out of the bathroom, like most of the time, on his phone, playing his favorite video game.

I just stood there, looking at him, while he was completely distracted by what we were doing on his phone. I took a pillow and started hitting him with it, playfully.

His phone went flying and the look on his face was priceless as he saw it landing on the rug next to the bed.

With an evil laugh on his face, he took a pillow and started hitting me with it.

After a series of laughs, tickling and a pillow fight, we laid on the bed tired. It was right then, when we noticed how late we were, we immediately got up, I wasn’t ready, and Ryan hadn’t showered yet.

After a while, after we got ready, we got out of the hotel to continue with our daily city tours.

We were heading to the street right next to the one where our hotel was, to go get some coffee.

As we were walking, we saw a woman lying on the street. We rushed to see if she was okay.

-Oh, luckily, she’s breathing! – I told Ryan that was looking stressed and panicked at this situation.

-I’ll go buy some water! – I said as I got up and rushed to the store right next to there.

The line was enormous. I was trying to break through them, asking them to let me go before them so I would get out sooner.

I took some minutes until I finally got out of the store.

Ryan and the woman were nowhere to be seen.

-Ryan! Ryan! – I started calling his name with a higher tone, so he could hear me.

-I’m here! – he said as he was sitting on a bench further than where the woman was initially lying.

The weirdest thing was that the woman was holding him close and had her head on his shoulder.

-Honey! Here’s the water, but I guess the lady won’t need it! – I said as I was looking at the woman with confusion.

-Darling! Who’s the lady? – the woman asked Ryan.

-Umm… Umm…- Ryan was obviously stressed, but I was the one to not have even the slightest idea on what was happening.

-I’m his wife! – said the woman, a mid aged sweet lady, that was clearly not knowing what she was doing.

-Come on, dear! Let’s go home! – she got up and started pulling Ryan’s arm.

-No, no! – said Ryan. -I’m not going anywhere!

-So, you’ve been cheating on me! – said the lady with a sad face then turned her head to look at me devilishly.

-Mom! – said someone, and both, me, and Ryan, turned our heads to see who it was.

-I thought something happened to you! – said a young man and rushed to the lady.

-Oh dear! - the woman started crying and she hugged the young man.

-I’m sorry! I’m Alfred, this is my mom Alice! – he said as he put his arm around her. He took her to the car parked right against the street.

He came back after he closed the door.

-She has amnesia, and most likely, she must have mistaken you for her husband! Sometimes she does this, when she has no one she knows right next to her. – said the man as he was scratching the back of his neck, and he was embarrassed of what just happened.

-Oh! – I said in relief. -It’s okay, the lady was sweet, and she wasn’t bothering us.

-Actually, I was driving, and we stopped for a coffee, that’s when she must have gotten out of the car. –he was explaining us the situation.

He apologized once more and after he wished us a nice day, he left.

I looked Ryan in his eyes, and as I took his elbow so I would be closer to him, we started walking towards the coffeeshop. While we were talking about what just happened, and as I was teasing him for what the woman just did to him.


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