Relationships for High School Teens

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In My Opinion

Relationships for High School Teens
1 Year and 10 Months

I don’t have too much experience with relationships but this is what I got.

I have dated my boyfriend for two years. Two years is not a lot compared to other couples, but that’s where I am now with my boyfriend. From the second we started dating, we never have got into a serious argument. We think alike, and we tell each other how we feel. There have obviously been times when we have not been in agreement, but we have always found a way to figure something out.

I am a high school graduate and planning to go to college in the later years. My boyfriend is a car salesman in Subaru. In high school, two years ago everyone would always ask me and my boyfriend, “How do you guys do it ?” Because in my high school, couples did not last, specially for two years. Many people have asked me that question in the past and ask me this question now, so I think it should be a good idea for me to put all of my thoughts about it here.



You know how older people will always tell you, “Don’t date in high school, it is not worth it, you will never get anything out of it.” In my opinion, I don’t think they are correct, you just have to know where to look and how to pick.

If you are someone who has dated multiple times and their relationships never works out, that means that there is a lesson that you have not learned yet or you have done the same pattern over and over, and you just need to break that pattern, you just got to figure out what it is, and I’m going to tell you how to do that.

First of all, you have to figure out if you have made a pattern or not. For example, in my past relationships, I have known for five years before dating them and most of them went to church. That was my pattern with my past relationships that I had to change. You guys have to figure out a pattern as well. Maybe all the people who you have dated have something in common, like you dated all of them in just a month of knowing them, or they all go to the same school. If I were you I would try to change that about myself, go after someone who I would not likely go after. Instead of going for guys or girls my school, I would try to find some type of way to meet people out of the school. If you date people and only knowing them for a month and then going out with them after that, I would change that to getting to know someone for a longer period.

Second of all, you have to learn your lesson from all the past relationships that you’ve had. What made the relationship go to trash? If you really cannot think of anything that you can learn from past experiences, then you got to think harder because there will always be something new to learn from the people in your life. I became the person I am today because of my past experiences I know what I should do and I know what I should not do in a relationship. You guys need to take that and learn that for yourselves.


Now, if you are in a relationship right now and you want to know how to keep it/make it better in a way, I can also tell you how.

In high school, one of the main things is social media. At least in my high school and that’s what everybody would be talking about. Everybody would try to become famous through social media, they would try to show off, everybody wanted to see who can get the most followers on Instagram, who had the best parties and post them on Snapchat, and the main and most important thing is drama throughout social media. If you want a healthy relationship with your boyfriend/girlfriend, one thing is to keep it out of social media, that will keep it out of everybody’s mouths. It’s okay to post pictures with you and your boyfriend out eating, but once you put it out there so many times that people get jealous of it or get annoyed of it, especially in high school, those are the people who will create drama and will stress you out, take my word for it.

There is so much more information I can give to high school students but I want to see how far this goes. If you got to read this I hope you enjoyed and stay in school please, especially if it’s your ninth grade year.

Dayanna montano
Dayanna montano
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