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The right ones, hold the key and can unlock 🔑 a writers potential

By Jeffrey KippelPublished 2 years ago 3 min read


To reach your potential co-creation is important… I have found that nothing really exixts in a vacuum and relationships, the right ones, hold the key 🔑

This is an excerpt from a recent interview on the ‘Go Indie Now’ Show. Thanks again for the opportunity Joe Compton 🙏

So there are 2 key points to what I shared:

Firstly, Michael Scott, an author who spoke before me, was sharing his recent journey into the world of being an Author ✍️ What he spoke of is the process that he went through to get his book completed, the journey he took and the lessons learned. The solitary part of that process is quite intense for some and I believe the task of completion itself is a huge take-away, especially when looking to build relationships. Why?

Well for one it is the satisfaction of the completion of getting it done. That’s a big deal, and most people never even get there. Through that process so much experience is gained, and that experience can empower others.

To truly have an impact co-creation needs to exist. That means relashionships. To be in the creative process with someone else is more than 1+1=2. 1+1, of the right “ones” …people… makes 11 or more! It’s where the magic happens, I think.

So the act of sharing the “behind-the-scenes” steps of what he experienced can build tribes among people who have gone through that same process. It is surprising on how many others are doing the same thing. It is amazing to see how you can attract people who are looking up to you to want to go through that same process. This helps to build community, masterminding, and a network of people to co-create and share your triumphs, challenges and ahas. To help those and guide them to take that next action step.

So the relationship could be on all all spectrums, from the reader of the book, to your peers, to people who are looking to even follow in your footsteps. This creates powerful connections. And since “people follow people” it helps create a community and network of supporters.

Typically, through the masterminding, sharing and community connection really cool things happen. Relationships build in a direction beyond expectations, new awarenesses emerge and suddlenly there is a network around you of peers, fans, friends and people who can support the collective journey. Those types of relationships have “stickiness” them and can last for a lifetime, if nurtured.

I have spent more than 2 decades in the fitness, wellness and empowerment space. I have had the opportunity to travel around the world, engage with athletes/influencers/innovators and speak on stages to thousands of people. Some of the relationships that were started more than 20 years ago, the very once that helped get our business off the ground, are still the people I check in with today for advice, guidance and mastermind sessions.

Relationship… I think you need to be in relationship with people who are going to help you achieve your goals. People who are good at relationships produce substantial & amazing results 😉

My name is Jeffrey Kippel and I am the author of the book The Ridiculous Adventures of Serbinand. It’s a blend of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Monty Python, Family Guy with some Star Wars thrown in. 

I am also an Ambassador for the rethinkFIT initiative which is all about spreading the message that being FIT goes beyond just strength and appearance, that it also includes mental, emotional, social, spiritual, financial and functional health too… and one of the ways I do this by being a mentoring & coaching people want to empower others to love better how they think, feel, act, look and dream.

My book helps to spread the message too as it is also about escapism, self discovery and growth, with a bunch of laugh out loud moments in between.

Search “Serbinand” on Amazon & Kindle and Audible or you can go to my to to get a sneak peek.


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Jeffrey Kippel

Helping raise social consciousness with laughter, wellness & empowerment; with my comedy book, as a talk show host & as an ambassador for rethinkFIT.

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