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Reasons Why Meeting Someone’s Gaze is More Powerful Than You Know

by Marta Levchenko 2 months ago in love
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Eye contact — ordinary yet meaningful?

Yan Krukov on Pexels

The eyes are more than just the windows to our soul.

For people who believe in the value of eye contact, staring into someone’s eyes — especially those with whom they’d end up falling in love, can mean everything.

But the ugly truth is, eye contact is just a natural part of daily conversations. No matter who you’re talking to, you’re supposed to look them in the eyes because that is the right way to do it.

Then again, the eye lock attraction remains to be one of the ways to indicate someone’s interest in you, whether they feel the same way towards you or not.

In this article, you’re going to learn why looking into someone’s gaze is powerful.

The Power of Eye Contact

One of the fascinating things about eye contact is its ability to speak unspoken words. It can be filled with emotions and sincerity that are very telling about someone’s feelings towards you.

Just by staring into her eyes, you can tell if she’s happy to be with you. This is where the power of eye contact lies.

Below are a few important things you should know:

1. It encourages sincerity.

According to psychology, a person who avoids someone’s gaze is more likely to lie than those who are comfortable with eye contact.

If you want to express utmost sincerity, especially when you’re talking to her, lift your chin up and confidently look her straight in the eyes.

2. It establishes trustworthiness.

The more you look into her eyes as you speak, the more she tends to believe what you’re saying because eye contact influences people to believe you more.

3. It is stimulating.

Locking each other’s gaze can be arousing, especially if you have a mutual interest in each other. In fact, it is one of the prime movers in establishing intimacy in your relationship.

If you’re hesitant to say the words, worry not because your eyes will do the talking.

4. It easily catches the attention of others.

Looking directly into someone’s eyes makes you appear confident, thus making it easier for you to grab their attention.

If you’re trying to have a meaningful conversation with her, avoid being distracted by looking into her eyes.

Eye contact exudes attraction. The longer you lovingly stare into her eyes, the deeper your affection for her gets. Especially when you’re sincere about your feelings, words become insignificant as you get lost in each other’s gazes.

Yan Krukov on Pexels

Different Levels of Eye Contact

The intensity of your gazes is proportional to the level of your attraction towards each other. The more you’re interested in her, the longer you want to stare, and vice versa.

To see what you mean to her, here are the different levels of eye contact:

1. Level 0

This means no eye contact. When she doesn’t make any effort to meet your eyes, do not get your hopes up. Better yet, be ready to wave the flag of defeat.

Even if she’s responding during your conversations but doesn’t engage in eye contact, it still means the same thing.

2. Level 1

The first level is more of a glance, and it can be done unconsciously or consciously.

When she glances at you unconsciously, it is purely out of nothing as it is neutral. It could be that her eyes were simply wandering, and she came to look at you for a moment, unintentionally.

By contrast, a woman who consciously glances at you has caught your attention, and it’s probably because you made a good impression on her. When your eyes meet, you may look away almost immediately, simply out of shyness or awkwardness.

However, it’s important to take note that this isn’t always the case. For some people, making eye contact with a potential partner can mean that there is a connection. It is a non-verbal way of establishing rapport.

3. Level 2

The second level is somehow similar to a glance. However, this time, it’s a little bit longer. This type of glance is done so subtly that you’d hardly notice it unless you have strong senses.

The good thing is, they’re clearly showing their interest once they look in your eyes in such a manner.

4. Level 3

When she looks at you twice in a row for a split second, stare at her in the same manner, and you’ll see that she’ll stare longer for the second time. Although this kind of staring often happens unconsciously, it’s a clear and early sign that she’s interested in you.

Yan Krukov on Pexels

5. Level 4

The fourth level is the gaze. It is when she looks at you for at least three seconds without breaking eye contact. At this time, she is openly expressing her interest in you. Take this as a cue.

The depth of every eye contact varies, and this solely depends on the amount of attraction and interest present.

To avoid misunderstanding her cues as mixed signals, you need to know how to determine the different levels of eye contact.

Eye contact is more than just the eyes.

In psychology, another way of knowing if a person likes you is when their pupils dilate while looking at you. As you can see, it doesn’t only end in eye contact. In truth, it goes way beyond that.

Some studies found that our minds can easily understand and interpret someone’s dilation of pupils. So the next time you get to prove this, try reading the implied emotions the person is giving you.

Gazing can tell when a smile is genuine.

One can always put on a fake smile when one tries to be polite. Especially when a woman doesn’t have the heart to turn you down, you will most likely get a restricted smile.

According to psychologist Paul Ekman, there’s a way to determine whether a woman conveys genuine happiness or fake emotions.


You look her in the eyes.

The real power of eye contact is love.

As mentioned, eye contact is as casual as talking. While it remains a vital part of conversations in general, it becomes overwhelming if it’s with the person you love.

Show your sincerity, appreciation, and respect to the woman you care for by looking her straight in the eyes, then pour all the love there is in your heart.

Marta Levchenko, Professional Matchmaker and Dating Consultant


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Marta Levchenko

Professional Matchmaker and Dating Consultant for Foreign Affair

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