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Reasons why I don't want to have kids

by Jordan Harris 2 months ago in single
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Having kids is not something I desire

Parenthood. The one thing that most people think about and look forward to, even when they are teenagers and young adults. Pregnancy and childbirth are wonderful miracles, and raising that child until they are 18 years old is the biggest thing to ever happen to anyone. While all of that is nice, having kids isn't always peaches and cream. Raising kids can be hard. I personally wouldn't want any for myself. I am not encouraging anyone to not have kids, I am pretty sure there are plenty of people who still want to have kids, and I don't hate kids; I am just giving my reasons and opinions on why I do not want kids, especially babies.

1. Kids are hard to take care of

Having kids means having to cater to them 24/7. You don't get breaks if you are a parent, you have to be on the clock, making sure that they have everything they need. Even when your kids are grown up, your job as a parent is never done.

2. I like to sleep

This might sound strange to you, but sleeping is one of my favorite things to do. And if I get married to a woman and get her pregnant, that means not getting a good night's sleep once the baby arrives. I especially like to sleep in on weekends, so having a baby would ruin that for me. And by not having kids I won't have to worry about getting up early to prepare a meal for a child, or getting them to school.

3. Taking care of a child

Even though I don't plan to have kids, if I accidentally impregnate a woman, I would do the ethical thing and take care of the baby. But I would be lying if I said I enjoyed being a father. Plus I don't think I have the heart to take care of a child for the next 18 years.

4. Vasectomy

With Roe V Wade being overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court a month ago, abortions could potentially get banned. I plan to get a vasectomy in the foreseeable future, so that it is guaranteed that I won't get any woman pregnant. Even if I change my mind and do want kids, I can always reverse the effects. I would prefer to get the vasectomy before dating anyone because if I don't think my significant other would agree to it.

5. No more traveling, going out, or having fun

This would be the biggest turnoff for me if I ever decided to have kids. I like to go out to eat, go out for drinks, traveling, go to arcades and going to the movies. I am not willing to give any of that up, and if I had kids and me and my hypothetical spouse wanted to travel, we would have to arrange a babysitter or a family member to watch them.

6. Kids can sometimes be annoying.

I've been out plenty of times and I see parents with young children, and those children are throwing tantrums, whining, and acting like spoiled brats. Every time I see it happening in public, I always think to myself "I am glad that is not me."

7. I save more money

This isn't even open for discussion. Not having kids equals having more money.

8. I can always adopt

If I change my mind and want kids, I'll just adopt instead of having biological children. I would rather adopt an 8-12 year old who is struggling and deserves a second chance than to bring a baby into this dark and cruel world. Plus I do better with older kids than infants and toddlers.

9. I don't owe this world a child

Society says that everyone should settle down and raise a family. While that life might be for some people, it is not for everyone. I thank and appreciate my own parents for bringing me into this world, but this is a choice that I am making for myself.

10. I would be a terrible parent

I am not fit to have kids for some reasons. For starters, I get angered easily, and if I had kids, that would frighten them. I am also on the spectrum, so I am mentally incapable of raising a child. I can also be a jerk sometimes; I would rather be a single and lonely man than to be a neglectful and inconsiderate father.


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