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Reasons to Admire the ESTP Personality Type

by Rowan Finley 2 years ago in humanity

(Extraverted, Sensing, Thinking, Perceiving)

1. They are full of energy!

ESTPs are one of the most energetic personality types that there is. They live very much in the moment, so it is important for them to be busy with something that stimulates their senses constantly. They are usually very athletic, and can be pretty hyper people. It never ceases to amaze me just how energetic ESTPs really are, even as adults they always appear to be on the move! Go, go, go! Sometimes I wonder if ESTPs even know how to sit still for more than five minutes. As parents, ESTPs are the ideal coaches for their children who are in sports or other types of extracurricular activities.

2. They are convincing.

ESTPs love to convince people, though sometimes for no apparent reason. Their high extroversion helps them relate expertly to the people around them. They are excellent sales people, because they relate to people so well and they can usually convince people that the product they are trying to sell is the best. They also have a habit of pushing people outside of their comfort zone, which can be extremely frustrating for other more introverted, intuitive, less-assertive personality types. However, even those who think that ESTPs are too pushy still admire how convincing they are.

3. They are charming and funny.

ESTPs can be absolutely hilarious, and they enjoy making others smile. Sometimes ESTPs go to incredible lengths to entertain the people who are around them, in turn, sometimes embarrassing themselves in the process. Even if the ESTP gets somewhat embarrassed, they believe that it is worth it, because they made their friends laugh. ESTPs are very slick when it comes to attracting people to themselves; they just have this magical way about them that leaves many people spellbound.

4. They are naturally business-minded and can make great entrepreneurs.

If ESTPs can develop a good level of discipline and strategical planning, then they yield the potential to become very successful business owners and entrepreneurs. ESTPs really enjoy any kind of job where they get to be on the go all the time, with plenty of time around lots of people, in various settings. ESTPs use logic to their advantage, which comes in handy for when they are working as business reps or salespeople. The ESTP can throw a sales pitch like no other type can! I have heard people say that ESTPs are great at talking you out of your own shirt. I am convinced that the greatest con-artists were most likely ESTP personality types. Obviously, people's strengths can sometimes lead to their greatest weaknesses at the same time if left unbalanced.

5. They are daredevils!

Because ESTPs are natural thrill-seekers, it would only make sense that they would be daredevils. They are quick to accept dares without really thinking about the possible long-term effects of their decisions. They may say things like, "it just seemed like a fun idea at the time!" Most people enjoy watching ESTPs, because they are just so entertaining by the things they think to do or say. People with the ESTP personality type are some of the first people who will sign up to do things like skydiving, rock climbing, or surfing, because they want to have an unforgettable experience.

6. They know how to enjoy life.

If something sounds fun, then the ESTP is all in! They just love being entertained, and they are entertaining themselves. There will never be a dull moment if you have an ESTP friend around. Most people admire ESTPs for the fact that they don't get overly stressed about much, but they just are living in the moment of everything. Because they love action so much, they do become easily bored if there is not enough going on. Indeed, at parties they bring the life and plenty of zest, which keeps everyone pleasantly entertained.


Rowan Finley

Husband. Father. Academic Advisor. Musician. Writer. Aspiring licensed mental health counselor.

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Rowan Finley
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