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Really high level people

Will give others face

By La holePublished 6 months ago 6 min read
Really high level people
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Foolish people step on people, and wise people lift people.

A person with a high level of people, not stepping on the shoulders of others to climb up, but others are willing to send him "to the next level".

The key to interacting with people is to make friends, if not, it is better to be alone.

Chinese master Zeng Shiqiang said: "The Chinese are the most reasonable, but the premise is to be reasonable. Give enough face, he is the number one reasonable person in the world."

To give face, seemingly small, but it is a hair and moves the whole body, should not be underestimated.



Give a face to the poor, warm hearts.

Today's poor people may be tomorrow's rich people, the day after tomorrow's rich people. Who can say for sure?

Many rich people, in their bones, despise the poor, and even the poor as their servants, at their disposal. Figure a moment of fun, that ruined the future of the network.

As the saying goes, "Leave a line of human kindness, so that we can meet later."

There was a Zen master, who was reading in the room when a beggar with only one hand walked in, hoping to get alms.

The Zen master said, "Help me take the bricks in front of the house, and carry them to the back of the house."

The beggar was embarrassed and said, "I only have one hand."

The Zen master lowered his head and picked up a brick with one hand: "Do this, one hand will do."

The beggar finished carrying the brick and got some silver. Then said gratefully, "Thank you."

The Zen master smiled: "Don't thank, this is the reward for your labor."

Years later, a decently dressed man came all the way to thank the Zen master. It was the Zen master who taught him - one can make money on one's own even if it is difficult.

The ancients said, "A great man does not eat food handed out in contempt."

To give alms to the poor casually is despicable; the only way to respect and show compassion is to help them very politely.

Think about it, you give the poor a hundred dollars, they will feel "rightfully", and even dislike you give too little; you ask the poor to help, and then give him two hundred dollars, he will find the direction of life. Different ways of giving, reflect your emotional intelligence.


Save face for the cunning and protect yourself.

The "Cai Gen Tan" wrote: "the world to let a step for high, a regression that progress of the Zhang Ben."

A truly high-level person will not be condescending, but will actively back off and lower their posture. Even when they encounter cunning and treacherous people and strong people, they will not corner themselves.

One of my aunts, in her fifties, had been widowed for many years. She went to Shanghai and worked as a nanny for an old grandfather in his seventies, earning 8,000 a month, including food and accommodation.

One day, the grandfather said, "You're good-looking and virtuous, I like you very much."

Auntie smiled and said, "I still can't let go of the old house at home and the palm-sized vegetable garden."

The implication is that Auntie took the good thing about falling in love and turned it down. Relatives and friends say that she is too stupid.

Auntie was the sober one. If you agree to fall in love, and then get married, "eight thousand a month" may not have, after the grocery shopping and cooking, become a matter of course; single, working, what does it matter, the key is to live happily. The most important thing is to be careful.

Do people, the feelings and money to be distinguished, do not think that there is somehow love, there is a pie in the sky.

People interact with people, no need to be hard, but not to lose the courtesy of rejection. Although you are not rich and powerful people, you know how to back off, it seems to a higher level.


Leave face to your relatives and family harmony.

In life, we often encounter sibling quarrels, and children and parents fall out. There are also some families where siblings stop seeing each other after their parents pass away, and are no different from enemies.

As the old saying goes, "If a family is of one mind and one heart, there is no worry that everything will not work out. If you are difficult and I argue, half of the family house is not completed."

Relatives are the most worthy of interaction, but because of the distance is too close, too many conflicts, resulting in the inability to communicate and coordinate.

In fact, in all the big families that do not get along, it is not that the feelings do not exist anymore, but that there is a gas in the heart of anyone who is not willing to bow down and admit their mistakes, and stubbornly believes that the fault lies with others.

Bowing down in front of your parents is the best filial piety; bowing down in front of your siblings is active reconciliation; bowing down in front of your children is lowering your posture and being friends with them.

High-level people are the leaders of the family, but also the emotional "lubricant" in the family. When the family is harmonious, the business will prosper.


Save face for yourself, and be a man of honor.

As the saying goes: "To save face and suffer."

A real face of the people is "no face" of the people. He first has to tear the face, hard money, and then it is possible to earn face.

Invariably, everyone will define a "face" standard for themselves. If it is lower than the standard, it is a disgrace; if it is higher than the standard, it is a show of face.

From low to high, is the process of fighting for the face. If you can't do this, even if others give enough face, you can't change yourself.

In the "Dream of the Red Chamber", when the Jia House began to fall, everyone was maintaining face. Wang Xifeng said, the size of things, we must follow the rules of the old ancestors to do, not to give outsiders to see the joke. To fight for face, wasting money and consuming energy is also a common occurrence.

But the poor Liu Lou Lou, who dares to self-deprecate, does not mind face at all. Later, instead of becoming Wang Xifeng's nobleman, help protect Wang Xifeng's daughter.

The first thing you need to do is to have a vision, not to see the immediate "shame".

A person with money, a house, a harmonious family, even if wearing old clothes out, but also very dignified. It is next to someone pointing out, he will also smile calmly.


Lu Xun said: "To 'face', is good, but unfortunately this 'face' is 'round machine living method', good at change, so it is and 'shameless' mixed up."

Face and lizi can be transformed into each other, it is necessary to know the trade-offs. Unfortunately, many people do not know how to adapt to local conditions and take advantage of the situation, so the relationship between the two is reversed.

Blindly to the face of the gold, is the most faceless people; respect for others, give others face, they have not lost anything, but also left a favor; living a hardworking and simple life, do not care how others look, the most face.


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