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Quiet as a plant

by mariyli 4 months ago in humanity
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Quiet as a plant. That's the motto I wrote for myself.

If I could, I'd be as quiet as a plant.

Desk, there is a pot of green, kept in a transparent glass tank. The complex root system is clearly visible in the clear water. Early in the morning, I can see the green in dripping, crystal water drops, from the leaves of green, wet leaves, more faint green. I could imagine the water in the glass jar running up the steep stairs, up the leaves, and slipping silently through the open pores of the leaves. Every morning, I saw the wet green, as if to see a morning exercise girl, sweat soaked her clothes.

In the office, it is so noisy. With 30 people working in one office, it was impossible to avoid the noise. But the green flower seems to be the world, has been concentrating on the green, as if there is no interference. Just, after a National Day holiday, I returned to the office, surprised to see, in addition to the glass tank of water shallow half, green Luo leaves, as if more dark green. Before the occasional appearance of yellow freckles on the leaf, also disappeared, all the leaves, as pure as jade. I suddenly understand, in fact, green Luo is also afraid of noise, but it has been quiet. In the six days of silence, the green plants enjoyed a rare quiet, every leaf to the full stretch, and even the emergence of a new bud. I imagine that in the empty office, the water drops in the body of the green Luo, running more freely, as if the bright laughter, also through the small window on the leaf, sent out. Six days of silence, what a rare gift for the green plants!

The office was buzzing again, but I didn't see any complaints. It was just concentrating on green, quietly green, green so calm, green so graceful, green so calm. New stems spread out, new buds spread into leaves, stretch out, tender green faded yellow, become heavy green. Quiet precipitation in every leaf, every leaf because of quiet precipitation, and appear more dark green.

Green Luo, in my eyes, became a meditation monk, wearing a heavy green cloth robe, there meditation. In the face of the noise of the outside world, deaf ears. I suddenly felt a sense of shame. Was it not for all these years that I read Zhuang Zi, turned over Buddhist sutras, and read the Bible in order to attain a lasting peace? This peace is durable, durable, not worn out like a child's sneakers, not broken like a glass jar, this peace is solid, once and for all, no wind, no wave, not a ripple of the eternal peace. I have been searching for this peace, but in all these years, my soul has never ceased to clamor, the leaves of my soul have never ceased to stir. In the face of this increasingly strange world, I am angry, anxious, impulsive, helpless, intolerance emotions like a volcano.

However, people can still have another kind of appearance, the appearance of a plant, a pot of green flowers, beautiful appearance, quiet appearance, Stoic and brilliant appearance. I can be as quiet as a plant, if I can do it, I can do it. Why not? If plants can do it, why can't I?

Quiet as a plant. The resentful and tangled heart can stretch out like a green leaf. The world will not get better just because you are angry. It is only when you change it calmly that the world will get better. Be like green Luo, with oneself faint green, embellishing my desk, let me be in restlessness, worry, anger, helpless when, obtain a cool and refreshing comfort, this is how rare! Because of the existence of this pot of green, I can become a little tolerant, a little bit more open, a little bit more cheerful. The faint green of the green Luo, changing me a little bit, let me a little bit better, become peaceful, become magnanimous, become a man. So, in the face of the world's bad, I can also like green flowers, with my peaceful wisdom, with my water drops wear stone calm, to change a little bit, to do something meaningful. Why get angry? Why the impulse? Why grumble? Why rush the crown anger?

I can be as quiet as a plant, in this crazy world like a tornado, I can actually do a basin of quiet green, with their quiet green, embellish it, beautify it, but also quiet it. The noise of the world, because we are noisy. How to silence the world? We need each one of us to settle down. If everyone is a basin of quiet green, the world, will luxuriant grass.

Quiet as a plant. That's the motto I wrote for myself. Many years ago, Zhuangzi once said that only when the water is quiet can it reveal a person's beard and eyebrows. In the same way, a person can hear and see only when he is really quiet.

Just let me, like a plant, be quiet. After quiet, I will understand, what I should do, what I can do.


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