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Put yourself in the other side's shoes

by Test 4 months ago in humanity
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Put yourself in the other side's shoes

Put yourself in the other side's shoes

  Sun Tzu's Art of War says: "Know yourself and your enemy, and you will not be in danger in a hundred battles." And "know yourself" compared with "know the enemy", "know the enemy" is more important. And for the opponent of life and death, this one is even more important. A great fighter does not just despise his opponent. To do "know the enemy", there is no better way than to see things from the other side's standpoint. An important reason for losers is that they never know how to see things from the other side's standpoint.

  Mr. Konosuke Matsushita, who founded the famous Matsushita Electric Company, summed up an important life lesson in the process of doing business: to see things from the other side's standpoint.

  There are always many differences between people's interactions. Konosuke Matsushita always wanted to shorten the time of communication with the other party and improve the efficiency of talks, but he kept wasting a lot of time because the two sides had different opinions and could not speak together. He knew that the other party was also a good businessman and did not want to harm each other. At the age of 23, someone told him a story - the rights of prisoners. He finally learned a philosophy of life from it. With this philosophy, his negotiations with partners soared and everyone was willing to work with him and be his friend.

  Matsushita Electric Company can be in the hands of a rural boy did not finish elementary school, and quickly grew into a world-famous large companies, and this philosophy of life has a lot to do with.

  This philosophy is simple: put yourself in the other person's shoes.

  The story goes like this.

  A certain prisoner is in solitary confinement. The authorities have taken away his shoelaces and belt, and they don't want him to hurt himself (they want to keep him, to be useful later). This unfortunate man carries his pants with his left hand and walks around listlessly in his single cell. He carried his pants not only because he had lost his belt, but because he had lost 15 pounds of weight. The food shoved in from under the metal door was scraps of food that he refused to eat. But now, as he ran his hands over his ribs, he caught the scent of a Marlboro cigarette. He liked brands like Marlboro.

  Through a tiny window in the door, he saw the lone guard on the porch take a deep drag on his cigarette and exhale beautifully

  out. The prisoner wanted a cigarette so badly that he knocked politely on the door with his right knuckle.

  The guard approached slowly and grunted arrogantly, "What do you want?"

  The prisoner replied, "Excuse me, please give me a cigarette ...... the kind you smoke: a Marlboro."

  The guard mistakenly believed that the prisoner had no rights, so, with a mocking grunt, he turned and walked away.

  This prisoner did not see his situation that way. He thought he had a choice, and he was willing to risk testing his judgment, so he knocked on the door again with his right knuckle. This time, his manner was majestic.

  The guard exhaled a puff of smoke, turned his head in annoyance, and asked, "What do you want again?"

  The prisoner replied, "Excuse me, but please give me one of your cigarettes within 30 seconds. Otherwise, I will bang my head against this concrete wall until I make myself bloody and lose consciousness. If the prison authorities get me up off the floor and wake me up, I'll swear that it was you. Of course, they would never believe me. But think of every hearing you have to attend, every hearing board you have to prove yourself innocent to; think of the reports you have to fill out in triplicate; think of the events you will be involved in - all because you refused to give me a bad Marlboro! Just one cigarette, and I promise not to give you any more trouble."

  Would the guard slip him a cigarette through the small window? Of course he gave it. Did he light it for the prisoner? Of course he lit it. Why? Because the guard immediately understood the pros and cons of the matter.

  The prisoner saw through the soldier's position and taboo, or weakness, and therefore satisfied his own request - to get a cigarette.

  Mr. Konosuke Matsushita immediately associated himself: If I put myself in the other side's shoes, wouldn't I be able to know what they were thinking, what they wanted to gain, and what they didn't want to lose?

  Just by changing his perception and learning to see things from the other side's point of view, Mr. Matsushita immediately gained a joy - the joy of discovering a truth. Later, he taught this lesson to every employee at Panasonic.

  By putting yourself in the other person's shoes, you will find that you become a roundworm in someone's stomach, and all his thoughts, likes and dislikes come into your line of sight. In all kinds of interactions, you can respond calmly, either to extend a helping hand of understanding, or to prevent the other party's evil moves. For Go masters: the opponent's good point is our good point, and once you know what moves the opponent is making, you probably have a good chance of winning.

  Of course, too many people do not know how to apply this rule, and this is one of the major reasons for their failure in life. However, they may not know until they die that they have lost many opportunities to succeed because they did not know how to put themselves in their opponent's shoes, because no one taught them.


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