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Proper mindset and thinking big

by Giovanni Profeta about a month ago in advice
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Body and mind working as one.

Proper mindset and thinking big
Photo by Paulina Milde-Jachowska on Unsplash

One of the most important things I’ve learned over the years is the role of mindset in achievements. For many is all about ‘If I have X or Y,” they would most certainly succeed. From experience, I got to say Sorry mate, that’s not how it works. It’s all about having the right mindset. If your head is clouded by the obnoxious and persuasive influence of self-doubt, it will find a way to haunt you and take control of your present.

Here comes a famous and misattributed quote from Henry Ford.Whether you think you can, or you can’t, you’re right,” is correct. There’s no substitute to the certainty that you’re more than capable to achieve your goal. Your mind can either help you to achieve or sabotage you. Your mind will give you what you feed in. Self-doubt begets self- defeat. Give it empowering thoughts, and it will give back your best.

If you have been trying to motivate yourself to work on a goal, write down your vision.

If you’ve written it properly you should no longer struggle with procrastination and self-doubt. Go into deep details of what you want to accomplish. Describe not only the achievement alone, put into works how it would make you feel and kind of person you’ve become while working on it. The more perspectives your vision contains, the more powerful it will be on you mind and body.

Writing it down it won’t do much to change your long-term motivation. In order to fully benefit from this, you need to establish a morning routine to prepare for the day ahead and keep your vision as a beacon in your quest for your goal.

In an interview with Tim Ferris, the famous Tony Robbins explains how he prepares for the day ahead. After some meditative practice, cold exposure and expressing gratitude, he spends 10 minutes thinking about his vision.

According to his recollection of events, it’s a habit that he has been practicing for decades. If we look back on all he has accomplished, we can polity say that it’s working exquisitely for him. We don’t have to follow his exact routine, but thinking about your vision in something you shouldn’t skip.

As usual, there’s a caveat, don’t let the false sense of achievement coming from envisioning your goal make you lazy. Studies have shown that it’s the visualization of the process and not the actual thinking about the event what fuels your motivation. Action is what changes the outcome.

I personally start each day thinking about what I need to do in the pool. A quick reminder of the task ahead and how it would make me feel gives me the extra push to get out of bed and hit the lonely, cold pool at 6.45am.

For best results I realized that visualizing the outcome with a technique that helped me a lot while being pushing my body to the limits is anchoring. This is just associating an internal feeling with an external trigger.

In my case, I always used the same shampoo to put on my wetsuit. Just the smell of it was enough to bring all those glorious victories and exquisite dives from my past. How to clean my mask, the number of spins my finger would make inside the lenses. How I performed my warm up, everything is preconceived first inside my head, alone, in the quiet darkness of my room, prior to get out of bed.

If you got to actually work on something that is extremely useful no matter your endeavor, is to visualize and anchoring useful memories. A smell, a gesture, just one of them can put your mind in the right place to perform at your best. Last week I went sailing with some acquaintances and I got this “strange-for them” ritual of shaking hands with every single person on board. It my way of giving thanks for another day on water.

What kind of rituals do you have and how they affect your growth? Do they empower you? Let me know.


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