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Post-80s: the father of the Internet seafood entrepreneurship new play

Post-80s: the father of the Internet seafood entrepreneurship new play

By Winfred ParkerPublished 2 years ago 4 min read

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to food safety and health. In addition to fish, seafood is also becoming a delicacy on the table. Wang Yun, a post-80s graduate of Central China Normal University, aims at this huge business opportunity. He wants to use the Internet to subvert the conventional seafood industry "play" and develop an APP to show the whole process of production and delivery of each seafood product with data, to make the whole consumption link "transparent". Although the APP was launched for trial operation in August this year, it was officially promoted on October 8. In less than two months, it has attracted more than 4,000 users.

To capture business opportunities from pain points

In November, Xiapu, Fujian Province, is the flimsiest season for Xiapu croaker, a local specialty and geographical indication protection product. Fishermen go out to sea in the morning to catch croaker in pollution-free waters. After returning from fishing, they slaughter and process the fresh fish for the first time, and then deliver them to customers... "If you are a user of our platform, open the APP on your phone and place an order for Xiapu croaker, then you can see where the fish you bought was picked up from, how it was processed, transported to your city, delivered to your home, and finally on your table."

Wang Yun believes that there are more and more middle-class families in the city now, they pursue a quality of life, especially paying attention to food safety and health, but many people often fall into a mistake, blind superstition about imported food, always thinking that expensive equals good. But in fact, does expensive food necessarily mean safe? For seafood products, fresh is the best. The logistics of seafood products imported from overseas are slow. To keep the ingredients fresh, some merchants even add chemicals to the transportation process. "Opacity is the pain point in this area!" And Wang Yun is from the pain point found an opportunity.

The dad has set his sights on the food industry

In a way, this is Wang Yun's first real business, and it's something he's always wanted to do.

After graduating from Central China Normal University in 2004, Wang Yun, a journalism major, moved south to Shenzhen to work as a reporter for a local television station. Despite a successful career in journalism, he always liked a challenge as a young man.

Two years later, he moved to an Internet property company. The company was just getting started, and he threw himself into his new business with the passion of a trailblazer.

Eager to spend more time with his wife and daughter after their daughter was born in 2008, Wang quit his job and returned to Wuhan to spend as much time with them as he could. Meanwhile, he also started to get involved in entrepreneurial projects in the Internet field. "At that time, I made a project similar to Yelp to shoot videos for merchants and make recommendations, but this project failed in the end".

Subsequently, once again south Shenzhen to re-set foot in the Internet industry. In 2013, due to his mother's serious illness, he decided to quit his job again and start his own business in Han.

What projects should I do? "When you have children at home, what is safe and nutritious to give them? There is no shortage of markets to start a business in this field." Wang Yun first set his sights on the original ecology of Shiyan, the original local products, and intends to cooperate with local farmers, who know everything is ready, but the partner has some problems. But the project ran aground.

Seafood industry's new Internet play

Opportunities come to you by accident. One day, Wang Yun received a phone call from Guangdong Province. The person on the other end of the phone told him that he was working on a seafood project. Two people talk very happily, finally he and the person that calls Xie Wenlan became venture cooperative partners.

In 2015, they have been planning this project, registered and established the company on January 6 this year, and decided to build a transparent seafood customized service platform. "We want to create a transparent live broadcast of the whole process of production and delivery according to the standard of 'eat by yourself and the law of nature, refusing any chemical additives. The service platform can be designated by the member to hire a third party inspection agency to inspect the quality ".

By the patches of the sea of entrepreneurial teams plan, at present, the patches of the sea into ordinary members and no annual fee pay 1000 yuan fee for VIP member, open the APP, you can price comparison, the whole city "every year we will take out money from member funds regularly, band members to participate in the activities, such as going to experience is rich in seafood place, from the deep sea to table the whole process of; The middle-class culture Research Fund will be established to create a one-stop travel service for middle-class families."

As we all know, fresh food distribution is a difficult problem, but Wang Yun also has an unusual "play", "we are starting to establish a community coordination point, is similar to the community distribution point, seafood shipped to Wuhan advanced warehouse, and then sent to the community coordination point by region, radiation around the community within a kilometer. Every community has a large number of retired people, who can be used to shop for vegetables while also doing part-time jobs to 'bring seafood' to their neighbors. We'll pay for old people's hardship out of our membership fund. It's a taste of the sharing economy."

At present, Wang Yun's team has established more than a dozen community collaboration points in Wuchang and Hanyang. "Next year, we expect to grow 50,000 to 60,000 regular members and 20,000 or so VIP members." Wang Yun is confident about the future.


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