Player 2 Enter!

by Katelynn Barnes 2 years ago in advice

The Journey of Finding the Perfect Partner

Player 2 Enter!

What do we look for in the "perfect partner"? What do we search for? What defines the perfect relationship? All questions that orbit around the dating game. A game none of us are really great at playing. I've beaten plenty of games but the dating game always seems to be the hardest. We're all searching for our player 2.

We all spend what seems like forever searching for the perfect partner. Some manage to find their happily ever after early in life while others have the worst luck. Living in a generation like today's makes the dating game difficult. There are too many variables that can cause conflict while trying to find true love. With sexual and gender orientation now being a question, it would seem like true love is nothing but a farce. However, every once in a blue moon we manage to get lucky and find our player 2.

I started the dating game when I was in high school and had one long relationship that ended when I entered college. I never realized how emotionally abusive the partner was until I could no longer ignore the blaring truth. I then went on to have only two very short lived relationships both lasting only a month. I thought for sure I was doomed to be single. After an agonizing year of being single I finally gave up and committed to finally focusing on myself. That was when the unexpected happen. He found his way to me.

Enter my now current boyfriend who I've been with for almost five months now. I never thought a guy like him existed. He is sweet and kind but also strong and hard working, handsome and not to mention extremely smart. The best part is for once I actually feel wanted and cherished. The question remains though. How did I get to this point?

When we are constantly searching for a mate we tend to forgo the important things in life. We skip over lessons and forget to tend to ourselves first. So my advice is this: while you're out searching for true love take a moment to stop and smell the fresh air. Take time to look over the failed relationships and figure out what lesson can be learned. Take time for yourself; to better yourself and find out more about you. All this will aid you in finding that perfect love and sometimes when you stop looking the right person might just fall in your lap... figuratively, of course.

But how did I get to this point?

I spent this last summer doing stupid things and finally when I landed on my face enough I stopped. I decided that dating just wasn't for me and that if I was intended to be with someone they would find their way to me. If no one found their way to me then I would simply stay single. During this time I spent alot of time with a neighbour of mine who had recently started talking to a guy. This guy wanted to date my neighbour who, at the time, was a good friend of mine but I had witnessed her date dumb dude after dumb dude and finally put my foot down. He simply had to do one thing before dating her and that was impress me and earn my approval, which wasn't the easiest to do. After turning down a potential courtship, my neighbour approached me with the idea of a double date. Her fella in question wanted to include me without making me feel like a third wheel so he enlisted the aid of his English friend whom he worked with.

I didn't think much of it and agreed to go. I'm very happy I did though because now that Englishman is my boyfriend. I wouldn't change anything about the journey I took to get to this point because it was all those hard lessons and memories that helped me grow and descover not only the type of person I wanted to be but also the type of person I wanted to be with.

The journey to true love is a tough journey. When you press start on the dating game you might feel overwhelmed but not to worry, because once you've figured out the ropes you might actually hit the jackpot and discover your perfect player 2. When you do, take action and cherish it but remember relationships take work and require both parties to be present. I wish you all the luck in finding love and may the odds be ever in your favor.

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