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People reach a certain age

by Idcby Snjdhf 2 months ago in humanity
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People reach a certain age
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Life is a process of awakening. Life is an experience. From fresh clothes and angry horses to snow in a silver bowl, from green years to white hair dyeing temples, people will always grow and understand in experience, so as to mature step by step and cultivate a calm heart.

When a person reaches a certain age, he will become peaceful. He is no longer the one who lost his temper and couldn't pull back nine cows. Once upon a time, someone boasted and was always excited for several days. Now, just smile and encourage. Once upon a time, someone criticized and was always sad. Now, you know how to face it in order to be better yourself. Once upon a time, someone ridiculed and always asked someone for theory. Now, you won't punish yourself for the mistakes made by others.

In the past, I always wanted to have more. I tried my best to hold on to what I wanted, and I wouldn't put down what I couldn't get. With the growth of age, I know how to let go more and more.

Slowly know that some things you grasp more tightly and lose more quickly. It's better to let it go. Learn to live wisely. How can the four seasons of life always be spring? Each season has the taste of one season, which is the gift and gift of time. Learn to tolerate and accept each other with time, and run away with your own preferences, indicating that your heart has become mature.

In the past, I always yearned for fresh clothes and angry horses. Now I know that life is beyond the excitement. Whenever, I should leave a place for peace in my heart.

Start to learn to slow down, so that the slow down life is not urgent or slow. A cup of warm tea and a free book can also kill half a day. Begin to learn to think, loneliness is the normal state of life, and quiet water is life, so as to examine yourself, make the inner become warm and moist, make the soul become rich, and maintain the inner tranquility and cleanness, neither humble nor arrogant, warm and beautiful. The beauty of this world comes from your tenderness to life.

When people reach a certain age, they will choose to be with people who make themselves happy. When they are with sunny people, there will be no darkness in their hearts, and when they are with broad-minded people, there will be no narrowness; With firm people, there is little confusion in your heart.

Gradually learn to stay away from those people and things that affect your mood, and start to learn to be kind to yourself. Live a peaceful and warm life. There will always be appreciative eyes and encourage you. There will always be someone who will be close to you in the posture of providing charcoal in the snow. The greatest cost of living is a good state of mind. Only the beauty at the bottom of your heart can make you happy.

When people reach a certain age, they will really understand the meaning of happiness. Sometimes, happiness is just the aroma of a cup of tea, an ordinary meal, the arrival of a greeting, and a light that lights up for you when you return at night. They begin to learn to simplify and eliminate the false and seek the truth, and more understand the importance of companionship. They walk hand in hand with three or two confidants and warm dependence with their relatives. Those who have been around are the most precious.

When people reach a certain age, they will not feel that the suffering and pain given by life is a kind of trouble, but a carving of life for you. They deeply understand that the most precious thing in life is not how much wealth you have, but whether you are happy, not how many people should accompany you, but whether someone understands you.

When people reach a certain age, they will live more and more clearly, start to learn to recycle, try to live their life as they want, start to learn to take care of their own heart, no longer be influenced by other people's words and deeds, and have a simple simplicity of years, maturity after vicissitudes, and calm of honor and disgrace.

Sanmao said: I have no time to be young seriously. When I understand, I can only choose to be old seriously. Therefore, learn to retain the original self on the way of old and far-reaching, and be gentle and compassionate in the twilight of time.

At a certain age, people will no longer sigh that time is ruthless. After all, years have not spared me, and I have not spared years. Live seriously and grow old gracefully. Only when you look good can others regard you as a landscape.


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