People Like Them

by kayla domingo 3 months ago in humanity

They will hurt you. And you will let them. Because you are also one.

People Like Them

Eyes; the key to see within another person’s soul. Maybe that’s why theirs are so dark and void of life. No joy sifts within them, only dull anger and rage. Pity should not be felt for them. They know exactly what their soul truly is. Within that darkness blows a cold wind willing to strike whatever is in their path. Scary noises can be heard as well in order to frighten all from entering. No one should ever look into their eyes; they don’t want anyone to know how sad their soul truly is.

Not only are their eyes dark but they are empty. A never ending hole filled with nothing. The bottom is unseen, though the walls are rough. Rocks and branches stick out along the side willing to hurt anyone with no true intentions. Their souls do not care unless it impacts themselves. Seeking only destruction and pain is what their souls weep for. It weeps and melts into more emptiness that cannot be filled with tears. No love nor passion can fill the void as well. You believe that their souls can be saved. That if you stare into their eyes long enough you’ll find something—anything within them. That by looking in you’ll be able to drain what is yours into them. Even when you know that they truly are just people like them.

Hands; what humans use every day in order to physically interact with the world. Maybe they’ll hold the door for you, only because you’re nearby. Or they’ll choose to help you pick up the books you’ve dropped in the hallways. Such kind things. Like a soft cloud carrying you into a beautiful fantasy world. Those hands protecting you from those attempting to stab you with their knives and pelt you with their stones.

Though people like them aren’t made to do kind things. They use their hands to cover their eyes from seeing you in pain. They’ll use them to shield the words they whisper about you into another’s ears. And do not forget of how they will point and laugh at you for your failures to single you out as a person. People like them do not have hands to do kind things. Their hands were made to hurt you not protect you when in need.

Ears; what hear and listen to any single sound that is caught. It’s how they know every flaw and weakness. You tell them all the things you’ve done and how you’ve been hurt. They store it in the back of their minds to use against you later. Those words they hear are what will manipulate you. To go along with that they will also listen to all of the bad things others say. People like them will know it isn’t true though they still listen and continue to share it with others.

Mouths; what is used to communicate among others. Their mouths are pink and full. They are almost kissable and you want to just sink your lips into theirs. You believe that their kisses are heaven with the tips of their tongue coated in sweet chocolates. It’s as if you truly believe that whatever you are being told is love. That they truly do want to live with you for the rest of your life. That they truly do want to spend every living hour trapped next to you. That they truly do believe that you are the one for them.

Don’t be fooled. Their lips are poison to yours. They speak only lies to darken your soul like theirs. A breath of cigarette mixed with the taste of alcohol on the tips of their tongues. People like them will drug you with the words they feed your mouth. They’ll fill you right up and you’ll feel delighted. Lies have the tendency to trick the hungry into feeling full.

People like them are what will kill you and your soul. They’ll do that so you can be just like them; a lifeless void with lost feelings for the world.

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