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People in middle age, do not "show off" these in the circle of friends, seemingly to be sought after, but actually annoying

by heisnxc 4 months ago in humanity
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Really smart people, don't deliberately show off their wealth in moments.

When people reach middle age, they learn to settle.

With the growth of age, the deepening of experience, to live more and more pragmatic, more and more real, more and more calm.

Some words, do not have to say export praise; Some happiness, do not have to take out to show off, some success, do not have to take out to show off, quietly enjoy their own happiness than let others abandon more meaningful, middle-aged people, the showy in the low-key, is the most worthy of appreciation and respect.

In middle age, if the pursuit of the heart is still to show off their own, it will really annoy people.

Middle-aged people, should be calm, calm, rather than in the circle of friends to show off their four things, often seem to be sought after in the circle, but actually very disliked, in this world, in addition to parents, really few people want you to live well.


Show off your family

Life in middle age, whether your family is good or bad, is your own business, there is no need to show off.

Some men, successful career, beautiful wife, no problem in life winners; Some women who have talented husbands and happy families often like to show off to others how happy their marriage is, how beautiful their wives are, and how promising their children are.

Even some people show off their own family relatives how fierce, how to have skills......

In fact, show off will only let others think how vain you are, some things are not used to show off and boast, your happiness as long as you silently feel on the line, you know, some people only show off their happiness, but forget there are people family discord, separated, not happy.

Show off will only give themselves to pull hatred, people hate, annoying, everyone's life is not easy, don't take your happiness to stimulate others.


Show off your career

Your business, is your pursuit of the goal of, when you are successful, you put your efforts to show their joy in the circle of friends, but others don't understand how you feel, someone outside the person, behind, stronger than you, for you to show off,, the same with you, than you weak, or jealousy, or resentment.

There is an old saying in China that goes, "Keep quiet and make a fortune."

Personhood, less talk more do and not make public the low-key earn rich, great person, never bluff, but hard work, only their own strength, is not the charm and capital, rather than a high-profile show bring fame to the vanity and show off not only bring us many problems, also will cause bad effect.

Life low-key, neither humble nor overbearing, stuffy sound rich, do not cause the envy of others, in order to live in peace.

Show off your connections

Middle-aged, contact with many people, there are a lot of interpersonal relations, if in order to show his communication, their abilities, and to show off his wide connections in the circle of friends, maybe you just want to show off, think this show can improve their identity, in fact, no matter how much your contacts, and others do not matter much.

On the contrary, this kind of showing off won't get you any points and will only make others feel so disgusted that they will damage their own relationships.

Sometimes, your purpose is to show off, but others are interested, they know you have a wide network, will come to you by accident to ask for something, you will refuse or yes.

You are embarrassed to refuse, agreed to the request of others, but you have to brave the scalp to ask people, things done, you owe favors, things can not be done, can not help, is the real loss of face.

Networking is never to show off, but to low-key life, showing off networking is a pyrrhic behavior.


Flaunt one's wealth

Wealth, never can be exposed. It's common sense, especially in middle age, to understand the importance of keeping a low profile, no matter how much wealth you have.

When people reach middle age, they have more or less saved a little money. If they put it on the circle of friends to show off, it is easy to arouse people's disgust. It is easier to attract people who are up to no good to approach you.

Circle of friends and relatives to see your money will be eager to move, everyone in succession to ask you to borrow money, you are to borrow, or do not borrow, in fact, borrow and do not borrow, are difficult and trouble, may not relatives and you alienate, friends and you.

In fact, a really smart person will not deliberately show off his wealth in the circle of friends.

Life is like a glass of water, when the bottle is filled with water, how to shake will not make any noise, only half a bottle of water, shake the sound will be the loudest.

Middle-aged, don't go to deliberately show off this four things, many things should cheer up, see the light, becomes composed inside collect, should not let oneself still stay in a very childish to show off stage, these show, there are some dangerous hidden trouble, don't show off, don't show off, is responsible for their own, especially with family members, responsible for family.


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