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Pendulum Thought!?

by Aminah Salter 2 years ago in humanity
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Are we happy?

Which way should we go?

Person 1: "Ugh it's cold out here

Person 2: "What?" "Can't you see that beautiful sun?"

Person1: "Let's go back inside!"

Person 2: "Why?" "There is fresh air out here

Person  1:"Eh, we live in a box anyway

Person 2: "So!" It is our home, some folks don't have a home."

Person1:"WE DON'T!"

Person2: -silence-

Person 2: "Our heart is our home!"

Person 1: " yeah, yeah, whatever." " Tell that to millionaires, ask them where their home is." " Hell, ask a McDonald's employee."

Person 2: "Oh yea of little faith". "At least you are alive

Person 1: "Why am I living?"

Person 2: "Do you want to die

Person1: -silence-

Suddenly a man walks over from across the street to speak.

Man: "Hey are you alright?" I saw you talking, who are you talking to?"

Person 1: -silence- (mouth opens with shock and embarrassment)

Person 2:-silence- (mouth opens with shock and embarrassment)

Person1&2:- in unison -"Can you spare any change ?

Man: "I can do better "."I could use some help on my ranch". "Do you need a job, you can live in the ranch house until you get on your feet "

Person 1&2: - emphatically in unison-
"YES,THANK YOU!!" " When do we, uh -I mean when can I start?"

Man: "Tomorrow at noon ,meet me here." "I will take you there." Do you have any family?" ..."because I thought I heard you say we."

Person 1&2: "No it's just me, thank you so much sir,you won't regret this,I am a hard worker,a fast learner,and I can fix anything ."

Man: " I believe in you, my instincts told me to ask you, the Universe told me you would be a good, trustworthy choice."

Person1&2: "Thank you again, I'll be here tomorrow at noon."

Man:"Okay!" " If I didn't have meetings, we could go now, but I will be here as promised." "Here is my card."

Person1&2: "I don't have a phone."

Man: " take my card anyway, but I will be back."

Person 1&2: "No, we -I mean I believe you."

Man: "you said we,..."

Person 1&2: " No I didn't " (eyes big)

Man: "you did!" "If you have family, be honest, of course they can come too."

Person1&2: "No it's just me."

Man: "Okay, see you tomorrow."

Person1&2: " Okay tomorrow

Man Leaves.

Person 1:" Damn, you almost blew it."

Person 2: "We got it, be glad."

Person 2: "You still wanna die?"

Person 1: " Nope"


About the author

Aminah Salter

...Greetings. My name is A.Maze. I am a Motivation Coach. I love to uplift people, and encourage them to persevere. On this platform, I plan to share fiction and nonfiction stories that will evoke positive emotions and deep thought.

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