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Part II: Love letter written to a girl with deep feelings

Part II: Love letter written to a girl with deep feelings

By 哦豁Published 8 months ago 5 min read

  Part II: Love letter written to a girl with deep feelings

  Love, is a sacred covenant that connects people and everything, without it, the mind harnessed for love will not be at peace, love is a mysterious induction between souls, it awakens the genie in our hearts to dance a hearty dance and make tender tears fill our eyes, remember Tagore's famous words: believe in love, even if it brings you sorrow. Your beauty with more extravagant rhetoric and more magnificent language is not too much in my heart.

  I used to believe in love at first sight and was convinced of it, but after a certain day I found I liked you and I left my love at first sight behind, probably not practical for me anymore! To be honest my affection for you is definitely from 0% to 100% accumulated little by little. So I strongly advise you also do not just the pursuit of perfection and love at first sight, look back at the people around you, do not have great illusions and hopes for the future, because: the past history of a person is a person's future history (not to their own wake up adjustment) haha, this is my quote, for reference only, if the same is purely coincidental.

  Things develop and change together with movement changes are determined by the internal conditions of the system and a variety of factors, when certain conditions reach a certain state of permutation structure, as long as the external addition of certain energy information material, this thing or dealing with people will be a major change, I believe that the law of development of things, really subtle, as long as the heart to master it, or may be a yin and yang.

  Hey, I quote this sentence you may be a little confused, this is the study of the human "heart" to the conclusion that the so-called "heart" is the most subtle things in the world, the proverb says: the hearts of the people get the world. In your opinion these are all nonsense, I also think so, but why I still have to say it! It's because I want to turn this nonsense into that little bit of information energy that will change your inner world, or the key to unlock your inner depths.

  You are not confident, is my long-term interaction with you and hearsay summed up by the surface phenomenon, in fact, you should not be so, before is not so, because in the beginning of your eyes I can see how much you want the future at that time, how devoted, the pair of not too big, not too small, unknown, not dark eyes out of the infinite charm, showing too much confidence and innate arrogance. (Don't think I'm talking nonsense, you think my sloppy character and big-hearted behavior can have this observation? It's ingratiating you or reasoning arguments.) Tell you that is wrong, my character is to a serious external coarse inside fine, careless even bad writing, on the contrary, if you look closely at my life will be surprised to find how regular, I do every thing, every word is after careful thought and argumentation to come up with the results for the implementation, can do, can say I will act. If you recall the time and topic of each time I asked you out or approached you for a chat, you can see that my heart is so fine that even a needle can't fit.

  Some people are waiting for others, some are destined to be waited for, and why do you give up being waited for and go after the waiting!

  All the signs show that your lack of confidence is false, can change, just wandering, floating the heart has not yet found a home ...... so I urge you: turn back! Don't be silly. Look around you care about you love you crowd it! This may be what you want it, just that you have not found in time.

  It is a kind of happiness when it is a net friend, because those who have expectations will be disappointed, because there is love, there will be expectations, so even if the disappointment is also a kind of happiness, although this happiness is a bit painful, like a person is not painful, love to a person may be a bit painful, but it gives me the joy is also the world's greatest joy.

  It is useless to say a thousand words, it is all nonsense. You are a piece of ice, everything I do is drops of water, since God has eyes to let drops of water close to you this piece of ice, to the good, I will entrust my point of energy to you, so that I become a trickle; bad development, even if I become a small piece of ice can also cling to the left and right of you.

  I'm curious, my hundred passion for you, whether it's good words or lure, you really do not move, according to common sense, to my patience and action, you should also be moved, oops, often things are like this, unexpected, and in reason. This I can completely understand.

  The objective environment is different and the difference between people, many cases can not be as desired, the deduction of the conclusion "will be" and Zheng Banqiao's "hard to get confused" has a similarity, are philosophical rhetoric, why must be the pursuit of perfection and sobriety it! ! If you muddle through a little, you will have a different, unthinkable harvest. What I do and say is planned and purposeful, and the purpose is very clear, and before saying that I like you I did a lot of preparation, with a thorough plan, and summarized the information about you, you believe it?

  I don't like to lie with my beloved, I'll be honest with you! All things are not coincidental, they are premeditated, do you believe? I think the probability of success in this pursuit of you is definitely greater than 50%, but I also believe that a 1% non-success rate can lead to the failure of the whole operation.

  Whether successful or not, I will have a gain, a gain that you can not experience and that you would never expect.

  Now I, eating food I give all my hopes to time, maybe the peak turns, miracles appear, maybe ......

  I proposed the ancients to compare themselves to a modest gentleman, ridiculous not worth doing things I will not do, the future to you will continue to pay, I should do, what I can do I will do, and will be in an appropriate time, all will be approved by you agreed to the premise, I have enough self-knowledge, high-intensity efforts, can appear in your lonely time also can disappear in your hot love.


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