Paranoid Cell Phone Users

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I'm Not Looking At Your Phone By The Way...

Paranoid Cell Phone Users

Society has definitely gotten way worse. Since phones left their cords and our homes, people have become so withdrawn. It is difficult to speak to people these days. Just saying a simple, "Hi, how are you?" seems to be very offensive now. What is going on today? How is someone weird for greeting a fellow human being? How is it a crime to want to have a nice sincere  interaction every now and then with another person? Well, besides the lunatics making it hard for people to trust one another, socializing is in fact very normal and not weird at all.

Technology is great. I myself am a HUGE fan of it, and I am sure that I always will be. It's just sad to me though that electronic devices have seemed to completely messed up the natural characteristics of most of us these days. I mean like for another example, say I'm sitting on the bus and someone is on their phone next to me, or near me...I'm sure you most likely know EXACTLY what I am about to say, because it happened to you plenty of times or you yourself do it to... but anyway, say I turn my head to look out of a window, or I even may have to move some just to adjust the positioning of my bag or something. When I move in the slightest way, there always seems to be some paranoid person on their phone who notices me turning my head or something, then they quickly put their phone down and stop using it. I don't think it's wrong that they want their privacy, I completely understand that. What I don't get is the horrible attitudes and the rolling of eyes and the hard blowing of breaths that follow. Like, really? Do most people really believe that whenever someone moves near them that they are trying to see what they are doing on their phone?

This has become a very strange issue that I have been noticing within the past few years. It is honestly very annoying to continuously experience this whenever I make any kind of motions out in public while near someone on their electronic device. It's like people are forgetting that others have to move sometimes. This is getting extremely ridiculous. Why so paranoid? Why not just use your phone when in a private setting so you won't act agitated with others? From what I've been witnessing, people are acting angry for no reason at all! It is honestly somewhat stressful being near these types of people, and there are many. This society is going downhill and needs to really calm down and use common sense. It should not be a fight starter to MOVE! I don't care how many people act like this. This is NOT normal. This is not alright.

I remember how normal and calm things felt when I was little. People were neighborly. They were hospitable. They were overall normal sociable creatures. Today there has been a big change for the worse. I know it is not everyone, and I know that even really good people have been effected by technology in negative ways. It doesn't mean they are "bad people." I know, because I'm one of them that has been affected. In my case it was the social media. I remember for example being on Facebook for hours, and Instagram for hours in recent years. I'd find myself every once in a blue moon writing back to someone who didn't like a post of mine, who reacted negatively or sarcastically. I should have ignored just about all of it but my ego was puffed up and I responded back sarcastically myself a few times. Although a minor case, it is also large because that told me the damage that can began to take place even in the virtual world if we do not watch ourselves. Negative energy is not worth our time anywhere. Online or offline. It is not worth it.

I'm not one who blames technology. I feel that people should remain humane to one another no matter how far advanced technology becomes. Enjoy the electronics but don't let them drive you CRAZY. Don't let a device keep you from good interactions with good people, and don't treat people like they are doing something wrong if they need to look out of a window or scratch their head or something (lol). Technology is a wonderful thing, but when I see the compassion people have for it rather than for other human beings, that is what I find to be a terrible thing.

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