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Overwhelmed with Affection From Your Partner? Here’s Why That’s a Bad Sign

by Tonia Cea Ortega 2 months ago in dating
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Some love bombers aren’t fully aware that they are love bombing.

by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

It feels nice to be showered with affection every once in a while. But if you’re new to the relationship, you might want to make sure that affection goes around in moderation. Otherwise, you might fall victim to something called love bombing.

Love bombing is a manipulation tactic wherein a person, most often a narcissist, inundates you with attention and affection to gain control of you. They manipulate you with love and trust to make you stay loyal to them.

Some love bombers aren’t fully aware that they are love bombing. But even if they claim that they are simply being affectionate or overly enthusiastic towards someone, the recipient of their affection is still being pressured to reciprocate that behavior regardless.

To avoid love bombing and being love bombed, learn what constitutes this unhealthy practice:

4 Signs Someone is Love Bombing You

1. Meaningless Compliments

It’s nice to receive compliments once in a while, especially when they’re for something you put effort in. They can also be unnecessary.

For example: you are a professional boxer and you work very hard to be in top shape. The girl you are going out with flatters you, complimenting you on your fit body. But her flattery becomes repetitive as time goes by, and this begins to annoy you.

Love bombers shower you with compliments because they think they know what you want to hear — and they’re using it to their advantage. They could also be very unimaginative and unaware, so there’s that too.

2. Giving Too Many Gifts

There are some people who give gifts to make others feel indebted to them — love bombers being some of them.

Giving gifts is normal when dating. People give gifts to impress their dates or are simply generous. A love bomber, on the other hand, gives you gifts with the intention of making you stay with them.

If ever you fall into an argument with a love bomber, they may even start enumerating every single thing they gave you.

3. Constant Messaging

It’s normal to frequently message your new beau during your honeymoon stage. You’re both eager to get to know each other and you both enjoy your conversations.

But like all things in life, online messaging is best enjoyed in moderation. It’s not healthy for someone to overwhelm you with texts, calls, and messages throughout the day. The attention feels nice, but they’re going way too fast for someone in a new relationship.

4. Being Too Physically Affectionate

This is the bread and butter of love bombers.

Physical affection is one of the best ways to express your affection for someone. Love bombers take advantage of this by being physically affectionate at every chance they get — even in public.

They want you to rely on their comfort and touch. So when you’re at your lowest, they are the first person that you run to.

The bottom line

Everybody needs love in their life, love bombers included.

Love bombers aren’t inherently bad. Some of them are simply misled or unaware. Many of them are insecure about themselves and think that no one can love them. Hence, they resort to manipulative tactics.

Still, it’s a toxic behavior that should not be tolerated. these If ever you find yourself dating a love bomber, you have to pout your foot down. Tell them that what they are doing is too much and that they should tone it down a little.

It won’t be easier to break out of the habit, but if they truly want to make this work, they’ll have to change themselves for the better.

Stay safe everyone and happy dating!

Tonia Cea Ortega, Professional Matchmaker and Dating Consultant for Barranquilla Dating


About the author

Tonia Cea Ortega

Professional Matchmaker and Dating Consultant for Barranquilla Dating

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