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Our middle-class dreams

"Nurturing Dreams Amidst Middle-Class Realities"

By Naveed Published 2 months ago 3 min read
Our middle-class dreams
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The birth decade of a great individual remains uncertain, yet we've begun to closely observe such personalities. These big personalities often speak in grandeur but do little. They don't heed advice or keep promises, leading us to interpret their words in the opposite manner. They're grand, leaving us confounded.

Somehow, we've been fed the idea that we might emerge as distinguished analysts in the Indian subcontinent. Crowds will gather to welcome us, seeking autographs. So, we've started practicing signing autographs and recently began the first lesson on breaking promises. We announced our column's appearance on Twitter today. A few wows and praises bolstered our confidence. However, life swiftly reminded us of our transient existence. Realizing our lack of dominance and fame, we humbly set aside our aspirations to write a blog for you.

Frankly, writing and reading feel arduous amid our hectic schedule from dawn till late at night. We're reminded of messages from a friend, Maryam, about her job and mechanical life, where we'd offer shallow comfort with a "hisht." Thoughts of house rent and bills recall the hardships of my mother's home. It raises questions about choices and the relationship between the middle class and occupations. Dreams and aspirations seem distant when one is mired in daily struggles.

A sincere friend advised us to quit our job and focus solely on writing. He stressed that hunger and routine work stifle creativity and that pursuing one's passion is essential for greatness. He echoed the sentiment that a person's legacy lives on through their work.

His advice recalls an interview with Nawab Saif Ali Khan Patudi, where he revealed his joy in watching the sunrise and sunset. This resonates, yet our reality, tied to the middle class in a developing nation, feels different. Our youth is consumed by work, and old age is marred by financial constraints. Dreams are buried early in life. If we can break free from financial worries, perhaps we can progress.

As an Indian comedian aptly noted, the rich assume the poor are inept at handling money. These words resonate, but the reality of the times points to stories meant for the middle class. Human greatness and development seem far removed from our vocabulary.

We're middle class. Greatness and evolution might not align with our reality. While these tales are heartwarming, they seem distant in our daily struggle. So, let's avoid chasing grand illusions and overthinking unfulfilled promises.

Yet, even as these ideas linger, we remain entranced by stories that speak of greatness and evolution. The allure of leaving behind a legacy, of impacting the world beyond our transient existence, remains a flickering beacon in the distance. But we're cautious, aware that these aspirations often don't align with our current realities.

Navigating life from the middle-class perspective feels like straddling two different realms—hope and practicality, ambition and responsibility. Dreams are our aspirations, but they're sometimes overshadowed by the immediacy of survival and societal expectations.

So, amid the luring promises of greatness and evolution, we remain grounded, cautious of the discrepancy between these tales and our lived experiences. We may not fully subscribe to the exuberance of grandeur, yet we understand its allure. However, in our pragmatic world, overthinking promises is a luxury we cannot afford.

"Wrapping up 2023 with this final tale. Wishing everyone a joyous New Year ahead! Best of luck to you all.

I trust you had a delightful experience. Should you wish to contribute towards the creation of additional content, your tips are greatly appreciated. Furthermore, if you have ideas for the subject of my upcoming article, kindly reach out to me via email at [email protected]


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Let me submit, writing and solitude are essential. Writing is not possible in Mahfil Yaran. Why a person writes, how he writes, why he thinks, nothing can be said with certainty.

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  • Becky Carter21 days ago

    Nicely put.

  • sleepy draftsabout a month ago

    This is a fantastic piece. It's interesting to read this perspective as someone striving to join the middle class, lol. You are a very talented writer, Naveed. I enjoyed reading this from you. I'm rooting for us to all get to where we want to go and to find happiness where we are in the meantime. 💗 Great work!!

  • John Coxabout a month ago

    Your writing reveals the depth of someone who has lived a hard life and faced hard choices. You are an elegant and gifted writer, Naveed, as well as a thought provoking philosopher. I greatly enjoyed and appreciated the sophistication of this essay.

  • Robbie Newportabout a month ago

    The daily work routine of a menial job may stifle creativity if the person only has a flicker, yet if they have a real desire creativity will find a way. Earning the character of working hard and even forgetting about dreams of our youth, may just work to gain inspiration when that old flicker and flame comes back. The sweetness of gaining dreams when they were lost so many times and with such depth of conviction. Blessings on your journey.

  • Hannah Moore2 months ago

    We can reframe that grandeur though, to appreciate things within our reach.

  • Terri Allen2 months ago


  • Siddharth Thapa2 months ago

    Well done! Nicely written!

  • Eiman Asif2 months ago

    Nicely Written... wishing you many wishes for your new year... :)


  • Denise E Lindquist2 months ago

    Thank you! Well done!❤️

  • Ryan Serhant2 months ago

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  • Adam 2 months ago

    Keep your power. Negative people's pessimistic outlook can drag down your mood making you feel sullen and cynical. ...

  • Staringale2 months ago

    The struggle of the middle class is vividly depicted in this piece, you brillantly grappled with the balance between aspirations and the practicalities of daily life. The language is poignant and relatable, reflecting the universal experience of the middle class in a developing nation. Your introspective journey is captivating, as they confront the harsh realities of financial constraints and societal expectations. This piece serves as a powerful reminder of the challenges faced by the middle class, while also exploring the enduring allure of leaving behind a lasting impact. Thankyou for subscribing.

  • Catherine Nyomenda2 months ago

    Very, very insightful and with a good flow. This is commendable work Naveed.

  • noor2 months ago

    happy new year!

  • Chloe Gilholy2 months ago

    Wishing you a lovely 2024.

  • Aaliyah Madison2 months ago

    The allure of greatness and leaving behind a legacy is a universally enticing concept.

  • Hello Naveed, AI is permitted on Vocal but it is a Vocal policy that content created with AI is mentioned at the start of the story/article. Your article/story has many telltales of AI-generated content. If you don’t correct this the content may be removed by Vocal and/or you may be banned from the Vocal.

  • Novel Allen2 months ago

    This is the story of most of us. Great struggles to succeed. It is a revolving door, few lucky ones avoid it. Well written N. Happy new year to you too.

  • Kodah2 months ago

    Incredible Naveed!! ❤️

  • True Crime Writer2 months ago

    Great story. Happy New Year.

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